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Thomas Wilkins married Ann English in Deddington, Oxfordshire, England in 1835. They had four daughters, Emma b 1839, Sarah Ann b 1838, Elizabeth b 1840 and Deborah b 1843. They have disappeared from Oxfordshire by the 1851 census. Thomas could be the son of Edward Wilkins and Ann Higgins, born 1815 in Deddington.

Thomas reappears in St Armand, Missisquoi, Quebec, married to Sarah Ann Watts with whom he has 6 children: Richard Watts b 1846, George Edward b 1848, Mary Jane b 1850, Martha Maria b 1852, John Thomas b 1854 and Abigail Margaret b 1856.

Elizabeth married Allen Ingalls in 1860

Deborah reappears in St Armand, Missisquoi county, Quebec married to Edgar Alvah Ellsworth. He had been previously married to Catherine Primmerman, with whom he had William b C1849, Anne Elizabeth b 1852, James E b C1854 and Peter L b C1856. Edgar and Deborah had 6 sons: Charles b C1862, Alvah James b C1864, George b C1866, Frederick b C1869, Henry b C1870, Edward Thomas b C1871.

Following Edgar's death Deborah remarried Saul or Solomom Salvsen (spelling varies) in 1878 in Vermont, with whom she has five children, four of whom die in childhood, only one Andrew, appears not to.

Alvah James Ellsworth and his wife Margaret Elizabeth Wylie were my great-grandparents.

I would love to hear from anyone else researching these people.

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