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Match One: Too Cool/Rikishi vs. Edge/Christian/Angle
Winners: Too Cool/Rikishi via Grand Master Sexay's Hip Hop Drop on Edge.

Match Two: Eddie Guerrero vs. Perry Saturn vs. Dean Malenko -- EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH.
Winner and STILL champ: Eddie Guerrero via rollup on Dean Malenko.

Match Three: Big Show vs. Shane McMahon -- NO DQ FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH
Winner: Shane McMahon via shot with cinderblock.

Match Four: Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho -- IC TITLE SUBMISSIONS MATCH
Winner and STILL champ: Chris Benoit via referee's decision.

Match Five: Road Dogg/X-Pac vs. Dudley Boyz -- TABLE MATCH
Winners: Road Dogg/X-Pac.

Match Six: Rock vs. Triple H -- 60 MINUTE IRON MAN MATCH
Winner and NEW champ: Triple H, 6-5, winning fall coming on DQ when The Undertaker took down HHH with a chokeslam, followed by a tombstone as time expired.