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Champion Defeated Title Reign City Date Notes
Fabulous Moolah Judy Grable ~28 years Baltimore, MD 9/18/56 1
Wendi Richter Fabulous Moolah 210 days New York, NY 7-23-84
Lelani Kai Wendi Richter 41 days New York, NY 2-18-85
Wendi Richter Lelani Kai 239 days New York, NY 3-31-85
Fabulous Moolah (2) Wendi Richter 220 days New York, NY 11-25-85 2
Velvet McIntyre Fabulous Moolah 6 days Brisbane, Aus. 7-03-86
Fabulous Moolah (3) Velvet McIntyre 380 days Sydney, Aus. 7-09-86
"Sensational" Sherri Martel Fabulous Moolah 440 days Houston, TX 7-24-87
Rockin' Robin Sherri Martel ~ 1 year Paris, France 10-7-88 3
Alundra Blayze Heidi Lee Morgan 349 days Poughkeepsie,NY 12-13-93 4
Bull Nakano Alundra Blayze 127 days Tokyo, Japan 11-27-94
Alundra Blayze Bull Nakano 146 days Poughkeepsie,NY 4-03-95
Bertha Faye Alundra Blayze 57 days Pittsburgh, PA 8-27-95
Alundra Blayze Bertha Faye ~37 days Brandon, MB 10-23-95 5
Jacqueline Sable 61 days Sacremento, CA 9-15-98 6
Sable Jacqueline 176 days St. Louis, MO 11-15-98
Debra Sable 29 days Orlando, FL 5-10-99 7
Ivory Debra 131 days Worcester, MA 6-8-99
Fabulous Moolah (4) Ivory 8 days Cleveland, OH 10-17-99
Ivory Fabulous Moolah 48 days Providence, RI 10-25-99
Miss Kitty Ivory 51 days Ft. Lauderdale, FL 12-12-99 8
Harvey Wippelman The Kat 1 day Pittsburgh, PA 1-31-00 9
Jacqueline (2) Harvey Wippelman 56 days Detroit, Michigan 2-1-00
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley Jacqueline ~ 5 months San Antonio, Texas 3-28-00 10
Lita Stephanie-McMahon Helmsley Current Champ


1 - Tournament Final

2 - Moolah wrestled as Spider Lady and unmasked after the victory.

3 - The title became inactive in 1990

4 - Tournament Final

5 - Blayze went to WCW and threw the belt in the trash, leaving it vacant

6 - This was to fill the vacant title

7 - Sable defeated Debra in an Evening Gown Match, but due to a technicality, Commissioner Shawn Michaels reversed the decision and awarded Debra the match and the title. Sable fled the WWF soon thereafter.

8 - Miss Kitty defeats Ivory, BB, and Jaqueline in a four-way "Evening Gown" match in a pool of water. The last woman remaining in her gown was the format used to declare a winner.

9 - The Kat, who was previously known as Miss Kitty, faced off against newcomer "Hervina" in the first ever "Lumber-Jill Snowbunny" match. Hervina won the match but later revealed "her"self to be former WWF manager, Harvey Wippelman.

10 - Vince orders Stephanie to fight Jacqueline at Smackdown. However, before the match barely gets underway, Tori DDTs Jackie and allows Steph to gain the pinfall win.