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A cop car outside arena will arrest Goldberg upon his arrival

Match One: Lt. Loco vs. Disco Inferno -- CRUSIERWIEGHT TITLE MATCH
Winner and STILL champ: Lt. Loco via pinfall when Capt. Cajun interfered.
Afterwards, Filthy Animals and MIA brawl and Major Gunns gives Pops CPR.

Cops assure Bischoff that it's all good for "the surprise".

Match Two: Mamalukes vs. Kronic Winners: Kronic via High Time on Johnny the Bull

Match Three: Mike Awesome vs. DDP w/Kanyon -- AMBULANCE MATCH
Winner: Mike Awesome when Kanyon Diamond Cut DDP off stage.

Match Four: GI Bro vs. Shawn Stasiak -- BOOT CAMP MATCH
Winner: GI Bro via shot with Chuck Palumbo's flexor.

Match Five: The Francise vs. The Wall -- BEST OF FIVE TABLE MATCH
Winner: The Francise 3-2, when Wall fell off ladder through 3 tables..
Afterwards, Wall puts ref through table.

Match Six: Tank Abbott vs. Scott Stiener -- US TITLE ASSLUM MATCH
-- Russo and Bischoff add Rick Steiner to Tank's side to make an even playing field.
Winner and STILL champ: Scott Stiener via Steiner Recliner on Tank Abbott.

Match 7: Billy Kidman vs. Hollywood Hogan -- HOGAN"S CARRERR OR TITLE SHOT AT BATB
Winner: Hollywood Hogan via shot with nucks.

Match Eight: David Flair vs. Ric Flair -- FOR RIC FLAIR'S CARRER
Winner: Ric Flair vis Figure Four
Afterwards, Russo challenges Ric to a retirement match on Nitro.

Match Nine: Vampiro vs. Sting -- HUMAN TORCH MATCH
Winner: Vampiro.
Afterwards, a flaming Sting fell from the top of the Nitrovison.

Match Ten: Kevin Nash vs. Jeff Jarrett -- WORLD TITLE MATCH
-- Ernest Miller comes out and puts Filthy Animals in various postions for the match, and himself as special enforcer. Winner and STILL champ: Jeff Jarrett via pinfall when Goldberg speared Nash.
Afterwards, Goldberg, Russo, and Bischoff embrace