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DJ Ran Mayhem Mega Mix: "Make Some Noise"
WCW Monday Nitro Theme
Insane Clown Posse: "Take It"
Slayer: "Here Comes the Pain"
Goldberg theme
Megadeth: "Crush Em"
Macho Man Randy Savage theme
Kid Rock: "Blast"
Diamond Dallas Page theme
Primer 55: "Loose"
Sting theme
Metallica: "Seek and Destroy"
Buff Bagwell theme
Limp Bizkit with Everlast: "Faith" REMIX
Hulk Hogan theme
Lyrical Giants: "Bone Crusher"
"Got him in the corner"
Ruff Ryder with Drag-on, Jadakiss, Eve, and Styles: "Pay Per View"
Big Punisher and Fat Joe: "Make the Crowd War"
Kevin Nash/Scott Hall/Wolfpac theme
Cypress Hill and Defari: "Fist Full"
"Count that man out"
Screwball: "Give It Up"
Konnan theme
West Texas Rednecks theme
Nitro Girls theme
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