Match One: The Artist vs. Psychosis -- CRUSIERWIEGHT TITLE MATCH
---Chris Candido comes out and does guest commentary
Winner and STILL champ: The Artist via 2nd rope DDT.

Match Two: XS vs. Demon/Norman Smiley
---Miss Hancock does guest commentary
Winners: Demon/Norman Smiley via Norman's Conquest on Rave.
Afterwards, Miss Hancock, Norman, Demon, and the ref do the big wiggle.

Match Three: Bam Bam Bigelow vs. The Wall
Winner: The Wall via referee's decision after chokeslam through table with computers.
Afterwards, David Flair and Crowbar beat on Wall, and Bam Bam is taken to hospital. Then, Wall chokeslams Crowbar off the scaffolding and Crowbar is taken to hospital.

Match Four: 3 Count vs. Bryan Knobs -- 3 ON 1 ELIMINATION MATCH FOR HARDCORE TITLE
Winner and NEW champ: Bryan Knobs via second rope shot with trashcan.

Match Five: Booker/Kidman vs. Harlem Heat
Winners: Booker/Kidman via Kidman's sunset flip on Big T.

Match Six: Fit Finlay vs. Vampirt -- FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE
Winner: Vampiro via Nail in the Coffin.

Match 7: The Harris Boys vs. The Mamalukes -- NO DQ TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH
Winners and NEW champs: The Harris Boys via H-bomb on Big Vito.

Match Eight: Dustin Rhodes vs. Terry Funk -- BULLROPE MATCH
Winner: Dustin Rhodes via piledriver.

Match Nine: The Total Package vs. Sting -- LUMBERJACK MATCH
Winner: Sting via Scorpion Death Drop after Vampiro hit Luger with bat.

Match Ten: Jeff Jarrett vs. Sid Vicious -- WCW WORLD TITLE MATCH
Winner and STILL champ: Sid Vicious via pinfall when Hogan came out and laid out Jarrett, then got laid out by Scott Stiener.

Match Eleven: Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair -- STRAP MATCH
Winner: Hulk Hogan via Leg Drop.

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