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Jarrett says Nash is knocked out and he is acting commishioner tonite

Winner and NEW champ: TAFKAPI via 2nd rope DDT.

Match Two: Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Bryan Knobbs -- HARDCORE TITLE MATCH
Winner and NEW champ: Bryan Knobbs via shot with cast.

Match Three: 3 Count vs. Norman Smiley -- HANDICAP MATCH
Winner: 3 Count via extended boston crab by Shannon Moore.

Match Four: The Demon vs. The Wall
Winner: The Wall via top rope chokeslam.

Match Five: Big Al vs. Tank Abbott -- SKINS MATCH
Winner: Tank Abbott.

Match Six: Big T vs. Booker -- FOR OWNERSHIP OF HARLEM HEAT
Winner: Big T via Big T Bomb
Owners of Harlem Heat: Stevie Ray, Big T, Mr. Biggs, and another guy they brought out.

Maestro makes bet with The Cat that James Brown will not show up tonite.

Match 7: Billy Kidman vs. Vampiro
Winner: Kidman via top rope reverse DDT.

Match Eight: David Flair/Crowbar vs. The Mamalukes -- SICILIAN STRETCHER MATCH FOR TAG TEAM TITLES
Winners and STILL champs: The Mamalukes.

The Cat comes out and introduces a fake James Brown. Maestro comes out wanting to collect on the bet. The real James Brown then comes out. The Cat and James dance.

Match Nine: Terry Funk vs. Ric Flair -- TEXAS DEATH MATCH
Winner: Ric Flair

Match Ten: The Total Package vs. Hulk Hogan
Winner: Hulk Hogan via Leg Drop
Afterwards, Flair and Luger beat on Hogan, and Sting returns to beat on Flair and Luger.

Match Eleven: Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Hall vs. Sid Vicious
Winner and STILL champ: Sid via Powerbomb on Scott Hall with 3-count made by Roddy Piper.