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Bisch, Russo and Kidman discuss business in the back
Match One: The Mamalukes vs. Team Package -- TAG TEAM SEMIFINAL
---Russio comes out and adds the Harris Brothers to Mamalukes team.
---Disco is taken away by two "Cicilain" guys.
Winners: Team Package via Tourture Rack on Johnny the Bull.

Mike Awesome is the eighth man in the US title tornament, but Bam Bam takes exeption that that and gets beat down.

Match Two: Jimmy Hart vs. Mancow
Winner: Mancow via chairshot
Afterwards, Kidman comes down and beats on Jimmy Hart.

Match Three: The Wall vs. Scott Stiener -- US TITLE FIRST ROUND
Winner: Scott Stiener via DQ when Wall put ref though table.

During Cat's interview (Awesome's opp.) Bam Bam beats him down.

Match Four: Mike Awesome vs. Bam Bam Bigelow -- US TITLE FIRST ROUND
---The Cat comes down to dance, but Awesome takes exception.
Winner: Mike Awesome via Frog Splash.

Bisch, Russo, and Kidman talk more about if Hogan will be there.

Match Five: Harlem Heat vs. Bagwell/Douglass -- TAG TEAM SEMIFINAL
Winners: Bagwell/Douglass via Shane's Pittsburgh Plunge on Stevie Ray.

Match Six: Booker T vs. Sting -- US TITLE FIRST ROUND
Winner: Sting via Scorpion Death Drop.

Match 7: Vampiro vs. Kidman -- US TITLE FIRST ROUND
Winner: Vampiro via pinfall when Hogan put Kidman through announce table.
Afterwards, Hogan looks for Bisch, finds him, and Russio has him arrested

Match Eight: Terry Funk vs. Norman Smiley -- HARDCORE TITLE MATCH
Winner and NEW champ: Terry Funk via Ladder shot after he took care of Dustin Rhodes.

Russio wants a favor from Booker T.

Match Nine: Mike Awesome vs. Scott Stiener -- US TITLE SEMIFINAL
Winner: Scott Stiener after Nash hits Awesome with crutch.

Russio bitches at Rhodes b/c Funk won title

Match Ten: Vampiro vs. Sting -- US TITLE SEMIFINAL
Winner: Sting via Scorpion Death Lock.

3 Count decides to sing

Match Eleven: Shannon Moore vs. TAFKAPI vs. Chris Candido vs. Juvi vs. Crowbar vs. Lash LeRoux -- SUICIDE SIX MAN MATCH FOR CRUSIERWEIGHT TITLE
Winner: Chris Candido via pinfall when Tammy pushed TAFKAPI off ropes.
Afterwards, Tammy and Paisley got into a fight.

Match 12: Team Package vs. Bagwell/Douglass -- TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH
---Russo does guest commentary
Winners and NEW champs: Buff/Shane via pinfall when Bryan Adams and Bryan Clark interfered

Match 13: Scott Stiener vs. Sting -- US TITLE MATCH
Winner and NEW champ: Scott Stiener via Stiener Recliner when Vampiro interfered.

Match 14: Jeff Jarrett vs. DDP -- WORLD TITLE MATCH
Winner and NEW champ: Jeff Jarrett via The Stroke when Kim hit DDP with guitar.