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Ernest Miller press conference
The Rock trying to say his catch phrases.
Another Rock speech
Disco rapping to Konnan's video
Nash talking to Goldberg I
Nash talking to Goldberg II
Austin using Rock's phrases
Road Dogg with IC belt
Goldberg talking to Flair
The Rock on Roody Poo Bridge
HBK talking to Vinnie Mac
Austin (voice over on our homepage)
Scott Stiener wanting Kimberly Page
Macho Man announcing Spring Stampede main event
Stone Cold Steve Austin's theme (real audio player
Cactus Jack theme (wav file)
Does this come in diet?
DDP theme music
Austin 3:16
"Back in Black"
Nash issuing challenge
HHH quote
SCSA telling Vince to kiss his ass
Bryan Knobbs quote
Piper talking about Flair
Another Rock quote
BA Billy Gunn's new theme
An Undertaker quote
Two words (not what you think)
Disco Inferno's theme
Like it or learn to love it!
To be the man...
It will never EVER happen agian
Mean Street Posse quote
You get your crew, I get my crew, we rondezvous
Hak's theme music (Mongo's old theme)
WWF Attitude Comercial
Acolytes theme music
Not wrestling related but funny
Big Show talking to HBK Austin has words for the corporate ministry
Bam Bam Bigelow's old WWF theme
Big Show Paul Wight's theme
The Cat telling off some fat guy
Louis Septic Service ad
Eric Bischoff's "Bite Me" song from the nWo CD
Stone Cold quote
A classic quote
Austin's power finger
CEO Stone Cold quote
Billy Gunn's music (entire version)
Chris Benoit's pre-horsemen music (Real Player G2)
A Bradshaw quote
Bret Hart's theme (Real G2)
Brisco & Patterson talking
Buff Bagwell's theme (Real G2)
Corporate Ministry theme (wav file)
Demolition's old theme(Real G2)
Disco Inferno singing ALL of Konnan's music video (Real G2)
Doink the clown's old theme (Real player)
Dude Love's theme (Real player)
De-generation X theme (Real player)
Eric Bischoff's theme (Real player)
Ric Flair's theme (Real G2)
The Godfather's theme (Real Player)
Godfather inviting Debra to come aboard the ho train (Real player)
Goldberg's theme (wav file)
A HHH quote (wav)
HHH's ballroom (wav)
Jericho speaking about Konnan (wav)
Jim Ross talking about Owen Hart (wav)
Jim Ross's ass kickin' contest (wav)
Jerry Lawler crying? (wav)
Jerry Lawler joke (Real G2)
The Job Squad's theme (Real G2)
McMahon 3:16 (wav)
What did he really beat? (wav)
Hollywood Hogan's theme (real player)
Patterson & Brisco's theme (Hogan's old WWF theme) (Real G2)
HHH's theme (wav)
Curt Hennig's theme (real player)
HBK's theme (Real G2)
Booker T's theme (real player)
Goldust's theme (Real player)
Commishoner HBK lays down the law (Real G2)
Mankind quote (wav)
Nash's spot (wav)
When I'm good I'm good... (wav)
Roddy Piper talking about Flair (wav)
Roddy Piper talking about the Giant (wav)
Roddy Piper talking about bats (wav)
Raven talking about operas (wav)
Rock in the White House (wav)
The Candy Ass Cafe (wav)
Well since Rock's baby left him..... (wav)
Hulk Hogan's old WCW theme (wav)
Chris Jericho's theme (Real G2)
Jeff Jarrett's theme (real player)
Kane's theme (real player)
Kanyon's theme (real player)
Kidman's theme (real player)
Rock talking to the Undertaker (wav)
Sting talking to Stiener (wav)
Val Venis talkin about Chyna (wav)
Flair talking to some kid (wav)
Rock going to the learning tree (wav)
The Cat telling off a fan (wav)
Hennig's new theme with all the words (real player)
Summerslam 1998 theme (real player)
Lex Luger's old theme (Real G2)
Randy Savage's nWo theme (real player)
Mankind's theme (real player)
Million Dollar Man's theme (real player)
Road Dogg's theme (real player)
Undertaker's theme (wav)
Nash talking to Sting (wav)
nWo Black and White theme (real player)
Oddities theme (real player)
Scott Hall & Kevin Nash's pre-nWo theme (real player)
Rowdy Roddy Piper's theme (Real G2)
Public Enemy's WCW theme (wav)
Randy Savage's theme (real player)
Raven's theme (real player)
Steven Regal's WWF theme (real player)
Rey Mysterio, Jr.'s theme (Real G2)
Rey Mysterio's old theme (real player)
Road Doggs intro for NAO (real player)
Rock dedicating the People's Elbow to Owen (wav)
Austin not wanting help
SCSA getting treated like Vince.
Union theme song (Real G2)
DDP has words for the fans (wav)
Roddy Pipers diet(wav)
Rock has words for the Undertaker (wav)
Big Show has words for the Undertaker
Big Boss Man's old theme (Real G2)
Saturn's theme (real player)
Rick Stiener's theme (real player)
Adam Bomb's theme (real player)
The Allied Powers Theme (real player)
Blue Blazer's theme (wav file)
Brutus Beefcake's theme (real player)
Crush's theme (real player)
WWF RAW is WAR theme (real player)
Micheal Hayes's old Freebird theme (real G2)
Kamala's theme (real G2)
Honky Tonk Man's theme (real G2)
Kane and X-pac's theme(real G2)
Hart Foundation's theme (real G2)
LOD's theme (real G2)
Hardy Boys theme (real G2)
Larry Zybisco's theme (real G2)
WWF Legend's Promo (real G2)
The Mountie's theme (real G2)
Nasty Boy's WWF theme (real G2)
Mr. Perfect's theme (real G2)
Bryan Pillman's theme (real G2)
The Repo Man's theme (real G2)
The Ringmaster's theme (real G2)
The Rocker's theme (real G2)
Steve Blackman's theme (real G2)
Papa Shango's theme (real G2)
Sid Justice's theme (real G2)
Sid Vicious First WCW theme (real G2)
Superfly Jimmy Snuka's theme (real G2)
Strike Force's theme (real G2)
Tatanka's theme (real G2)
Texas Tornado's theme (real G2)