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WWF King of the Ring 1999 Results

Match One: Hardcore Holly vs. X-pac -- QUARTERFINAL MATCH
Winner: X-pac via DQ when Holly hit him with a chair.

Match Two: Big Show vs. Kane -- QUARTERFINAL MATCH
Winner: Kane via chairshot with ref knocked out.

Match Three: Mr. Ass vs. Ken Shamrock -- QUARTERFINAL MATCH
Winner: Mr. Ass via refferee's disicion.

Match Four: Road Dogg Jessie James vs. Chyna -- QUARTERFINAL MATCH
Winner: Road Dogg via Pump Handle Slam.

Match Five: Christian & Edge vs. The Hardy Boys -- NUMBER ONE CONTENDOR FOR THE TAG TEAM TITLES
Winner: Hardy Boys via Neckbreaker on Edge.

Vince says that Shane can't compete and that he will have a replacement for him.

Match Six: Mr. Ass vs. Kane -- SEMIFINAL MATCH
Winner: Mr. Ass via Big Show hitting Kane in the head with a chair.

Match 7: X-pac vs. Road Dogg Jessie James
Winner: X-pac via X-factor.

Match 8: The Rock vs. The Undertaker -- WWF CHAMPIONSHIP
Winner and STILL champion: Undertaker via Tombstone Piledriver.

HBK had HHH, who was gonna be Vince's partner, arrested.

Match 9: X-pac vs. Mr. Ass -- KING OF THE RING FINAL
Winner and 1999 King of the Ring: Mr. Ass via Fameasser

Match 10: Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin -- HANDICAPPED LADDER MATCH FOR COMPLETE CONTROL OF THE WWF
Vince brought out Steve Blackman as his partner but GTV caught Shane and he was fine so HBK made him wrestle.
Winners and new owners of the WWF: Vince and Shane because someone lowered the briefcase.