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Champion Defeated Title Reign City Date Notes
Pat Patterson Ted DiBiase --- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 09/??/79 1
Ken Patera Pat Patterson 231 days New York, NY 04/21/80
Pedro Morales Ken Patera 194 days New York, NY 12/08/80
Magnificent Muraco Pedro Morales 156 days Philadelphia, PA 06/20/81
Pedro Morales (2) Magnificent Muraco 405 days New York, NY 11/23/81
Magnificent Muraco (2) Pedro Morales 405 days New York, NY 01/22/83
Tito Santana Magnificent Muraco 226 days Boston, MA 02/11/84
Greg Valentine Tito Santana 285 days London, Ontario 09/24/84
Tito Santana (2) Greg Valentine 217 days Baltimore, MD 07/06/85
Randy Savage Tito Santana 414 days Boston, MA 02/08/86
Rick Steamboat Randy Savage 65 days Pontiac, MI 03/29/87
Honky Tonk Man Rick Steamboat 454 days Buffalo, NY 06/02/87
Ultimate Warrior Honky Tonk Man 216 days New York, NY 08/29/88
Rick Rude Ultimate Warrior 148 days Atlantic City, NJ 04/02/89
Ultimate Warrior (2) Rick Rude 216 days East Rutherford, NJ 08/28/89
Mr. Perfect Tito Santana 126 days Austin, TX 04/23/90 2
Texas Tornado Mr. Perfect 84 days Philadelphia, PA 08/27/90
Mr. Perfect (2) Texas Tornado 280 days Rochester, NY 11/19/90
Bret Hart Mr. Perfect 144 days New York, NY 08/26/91
The Mountie Bret Hart 2 days Springfield, MA 01/17/92
Rowdy Roddy Piper The Mountie 77 days Albany, NY 01/19/92
Bret Hart (2) Rowdy Roddy Piper 146 days Indianapolis, IN 04/05/92
British Bulldog Bret Hart 59 days London, England 08/29/92
Shawn Michaels British Bulldog 202 days Terre Haute, IN 10/27/92
Marty Jannetty Shawn Michaels 20 days New York, NY 05/17/93
Shawn Michaels (2) Marty Jannetty 101 days Albany, NY 06/06/93
Razor Ramon Rick Martel 198 days New Haven, CT 09/27/93 3
Diesel Razor Ramon 138 days Rochester, NY 04/13/94
Razor Ramon (2) Diesel 146 days Chicago, IL 08/29/94
Jeff Jarrett Razor Ramon 117 days Tampa, FL 01/22/95
Jeff Jarrett (2) Bob Holly --- Moline, IN 04/26/95 4
Razor Ramon (3) Jeff Jarrett 3 days Montreal, Quebec 05/19/95
Jeff Jarrett (3) Razor Ramon 63 days Trois-Rivieres, Quebec 05/22/95
Shawn Michaels (3) Jeff Jarrett 91 days Nashville, TN 07/23/95
Razor Ramon (4) Dean Douglas 91 days Winnipeg, Manitoba 10/22/95 5
Goldust Razor Ramon 85 days Fresno, CA 01/21/96
Goldust (2) Savio Vega 62 days San Bernardino, CA 04/01/96 6
Ahmed Johnson Goldust 50 days Milwaukee, WI 06/23/96
Marc Mero Faarooq 28 days Hershey, PA 09/23/96 7
Hunter Hearst-Helmsley Marc Mero 115 days Fort Wayne, IN 10/21/96
Rocky Maivia Hunter Hearst-Helmsley 74 days Lowell, MA 02/13/97
Owen Hart Rocky Maivia 97 days Omaha, NE 04/28/97
Steve Austin Owen Hart 63 days East Rutherford, NJ 08/03/97
Owen Hart (2) Faarooq 35 days Saint Louis, MO 10/05/97 8
Steve Austin (2) Owen Hart 30 days Montreal, Quebec 11/09/97
Rocky Maivia (2) Steve Austin 265 days Portland, ME 12/08/97 9
Hunter Hearst Helmsley(2) The Rock 43 days New York, NY 8/30/98 10
Ken Shamrock X-Pac 125 days Uniondale, NY 10/12/98 11
Val Venis Ken Shamrock 29 days Memphis, TN 2/14/99
Road Dogg Val Venis 14 days San Jose, CA 3/15/99
Goldust(3) Road Dogg 14 days East Rutherford, NJ 3/29/99
Godfather Goldust 43 days Detroit, Michigan 4/12/99
Jeff Jarrett(4) Godfather 60 days Moline, IL 5/25/99
Edge Jeff Jarrett 1 day Toronto, ONT 7/24/99
Jeff Jarrett(5) Edge 2 days Buffalo, NY 7/25/99
D'Lo Brown Jeff Jarrett 26 days Columbus, OH 7/27/99
Jeff Jarrett(6) D'Lo Brown 56 days Minneapolis, MN 8/22/99
Chyna Jeff Jarrett 56 days Cleveland, OH 10/17/99 12
Chris Jericho Chyna 16 days Ft. Lauderdale, FL 12/12/99
Chris Jericho (2) Chyna/Hardcore Holly 71 days New York, NY 1/23/00 14
Kurt Angle Chris Jericho 35 days Hartford, CT 2/27/00
Chris Benoit Angle/Jericho 79 days Anaheim, CA 4/2/00 15
Rikishi Chris Benoit 14 days Memphis, TN 6/20/00
Val Venis (2) Rikishi ~ 1 month Ft. Lauderdale, FL 7/4/00
Chyna Val Venis/Trish Stratus ~ 10 days Summerslam 2000 16
Eddie Guererro Chyna/Kurt Angle Current Champ Lexington, KY 9/4/00 17


1: This was a tournament final to become the first champion.

2: This was a tournament final. The Ultimate Warrior was stripped of the title by Jack Tunney shortly after winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania VI.

3: Shawn Michaels was stripped of the title for not meeting certain contractual obligations. Razor Ramon & Rick Martel were the last 2 men in a 20-man Battle Royal on Monday Night Raw, and they fought this match to crown a new champion the next week on Raw.

4: The title was vacated early in the evening due to controversy over a Jeff Jarrett/Bob Holly match. The winner of this match was awarded the title.

5: Shawn Michaels was forced to forfeit the title to Dean Douglas at the In Your House pay-per-view due to injuries suffered a week earlier.

6: The title was held up earlier in the evening due to controversy over a Goldust/Savio Vega match. The winner of this match was declared new champion.

7: This was a tournament final match for the vacant title. Ahmed Johnson was stripped of the title after suffering a kidney injury.

8: This was a tournament final for the vacant title. Steve Austin was stripped of the title due to a spinal injury.

9: Steve Austin forfeited the title to Rocky Maivia who was proclaimed the new champion by WWF owner Vince McMahon.

10. HHH defeated The Rock in a ladder match at Summerslam 1998.

11. HHH was stripped of the belt by owner Vince McMahon due to injury and an eight-man tournament was set up on RAW to crown the new champ. Ken Shamrock defeated X-Pac in the finals to capture the title.

12. Chyna defeats Jeff Jarrett in a "Housekeeping Rules" Match to become the first ever female I-C champion. Jeff Jarrett, wrestling as a free agent, leaves for WCW.

13. In a match on 12/28 at the Smackdown tapings. two referees each count out Chris Jericho and Chyna, and thus declare no clear winner. Stephanie McMahon announces the following Monday (1/3) that they both will be champs, the first time ever any individual belt in the WWF has had co-holders.

14. Chris Jericho defeats Chyna and Hardcore Holly in a triple threat match at Royal Rumble 2000 to become the undisputed Intercontinental champion.

15. In an unprecedented triple threat two falls match for both the IC and Euro belts featuring reigning champion Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho, Benoit pins Jericho in the first fall to become the new IC champ.

16. Match with Chyna/Eddy Guerrero vs. Val/Trish with stipulation that the person who gets the pinfall becomes the champion.

17. Wins Triple Threat Match