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Champion Defeated Title Reign City Date Notes
Mankind --- 28 days Houston, TX 11/2/98 1
Big Bossman Mankind 15 days Baltimore, MD 11/30/98
Road Dogg Big Bossman 59 days Spokane, WA 12/15/98
Hardcore Holly Al Snow 29 days Memphis, TN 2/14/99 2
"Badd Ass" Billy Gunn Hardcore Holly 13 days San Jose, CA 3/15/99
Hardcore Holly (2) Al Snow/Billy Gunn 28 days Philadelphia, PA 3/28/99 3
Al Snow Hardcore Holly 91 days Providence, RI 4/25/99
Big Bossman (2) Al Snow 28 days Buffalo, NY 7/25/99
Al Snow (2) Big Bossman 2 days Minneapolis, MN 8/22/99
Big Bossman (3) Al Snow 14 days Boston, MA 8/24/99
British Bulldog Big Bossman ~5 mins Albany, NY 9/7/99
Al Snow (3) --- 35 days Albany, NY 9/7/99 4
Test Big Bossman 36 days New Haven, CT 1/17/00
Crash Holly Test 20 days Nashville, TN 2/22/00
Pete Gas Crash Holly 16 secs Newark Airport 3/13/00 6
Crash Holly (2) Pete Gas 20 days Newark Airport 3/13/00
Tazz Crash Holly 34 secs Anaheim, CA 4/2/00 7
Viscera Tazz 374 secs Anaheim, CA 4/2/00 7
Funaki Viscera 56 secs Anaheim, CA 4/2/00 7
Rodney Funaki 14 secs Anaheim, CA 4/2/00 7
Joey Abs Rodney 20 secs Anaheim, CA 4/2/00 7
Thrasher Joey Abs 45 secs Anaheim, CA 4/2/00 7
Pete Gas (2) Thrasher 47 secs Anaheim, CA 4/2/00 7
Tazz (2) Pete Gas 249 secs Anaheim, CA 4/2/00 7
Crash Holly (3) Tazz 35 secs Anaheim, CA 4/2/00 7
Hardcore Holly (3) Crash Holly 1 day Anaheim, CA 4/2/00 7
Crash Holly (4) Hardcore Holly 8 days San Jose, CA 4/3/00
Saturn Crash Holly 20 secs Tampa, FL 4/11/00 8
Tazz (3) Saturn 15 secs Tampa, FL 4/11/00 8
Crash Holly (5) Tazz 13 days Tampa, FL 4/11/00 8
Matt Hardy Crash Holly 1 day Raleigh, NC 4/24/00
Crash Holly (6) Matt Hardy 11 days Charlotte, NC 4/25/00 9
British Bulldog Crash Holly 3 days London, England 5/6/00 10
Crash Holly (7) British Bulldog 6 days New Haven, CT 5/9/00
Godfather's Ho Crash Holly 15 secs Cleveland, OH 5/15/00
Crash Holly (8) Godfather's Ho 1 day Cleveland, OH 5/15/00 11
Gerald Brisco Crash Holly 27 days Detroit, MI 5/16/00 11
Crash Holly (9) Gerald Brisco 7 days St. Louis, MO 6/12/00
Gerald Brisco Crash Holly 10 mins (?) Nashville, TN 6/19/00
Pat Patterson Gerald Brisco 6 days St. Louis, MO 6/19/00
Crash Holly (10) Pat Patterson 2 days Boston, MA 6/25/00
Steve Blackman Crash Holly ~ 1.5 months Hartford, CT 6/27/00
Shane McMahon Steve Blackman few weeks
Steve Blackman Shane McMahon Current Champ Summerslam 2000


1 - Vince McMahon creates the "Hardcore Title" and awards it to Mankind.

2 - The Road Dogg is stripped of the belt after he was "injured". Hardcore Holly defeats Al Snow to fill the vacant spot.

3 - Holly defeats defending champ Billy Gunn and Al Snow in a Triple Threat Match.

4- The British Bulldog makes a surprise return to the WWF and wins the title from the Bossman. He immediately forfeits it to Al Snow, who becomes the second three time champ.

5 - The Big Bossman defeats The Big Show and Al Snow in a triple threat hardcore title match to win the title for an unprecendented fourth time.

6 - Crash Holly loses the title at the Newark Airport, which was aired as part of the 3/13 Smackdown. Holly then wins back the title mere seconds later. The storyline to explain all of this is the supposed 24/7 title defense scheme followed by Holly.

7 - This was a hardcore battle royal at Wrestlemania 2000. In a 15-minute match, the title would change hands via pinfall on the current champ. The title changed hands ten different times, with Viscera obtaining the longest title reign of about six minutes. Hardcore Holly finished the match as the champion after pinning his cousin Crash but there is speculation that Crash was supposed to retain. Thus the next night, he won it back. Special thanks to Kane Grzasko for compiling the title reigns (in seconds) in the battle royal.

8 - The original match was Crash Holly versus Perry Saturn. Saturn defeats Holly to become new champ, but 20 seconds later, Tazz emerges to pin Saturn. Only 15 seconds after that, Holly pins Tazz to grab the title back.

9 - In a match pitting Matt Hardy against Jeff Hardy, Crash Holly appears to win the 24/7 defended Hardcore title for a 6th time.

10 - British Bulldog makes his return to the WWF by answering Crash Holly's challenge and wins the match to become a two-time hardcore champ.

11 - In a Crash Holly-Godfather match, one of the Godfather's Ho at ringside capitalized on a D'Lo Brown run in to score the pin on Crash. However, she promtly lost it a few seconds later after Crash rolled her up. The Ho, although not named on TV was independent and MCW valet, Cyndi Lynch, aka BobCat.