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Title Holder
Title Reign
British BulldogOwen Hart206 days2/26/97Berlin, GER
Shawn MichaelsBritish Bulldog82 days9/20/97Birmingham, UK
Hunter Hearst HelmsleyShawn Michaels40 days12/11/97Lowell, MA
Owen HartTriple H56 days1/20/98Davis, CA
Triple H(2)Owen Hart125 days3/17/98Phoenix, AZ
D'Lo BrownTriple H63 days7/20/98Binghamton, NY
X-PacD'Lo Brown14 days9/21/98Sacramento, CA
D'Lo Brown (2)X-Pac13 days10/5/98East Lansing, MI
X-Pac (2)D'Lo Brown120 days10/18/98Chicago, IL
Shane McMahonX-Pac126 days2/15/99Birmingham, AL
Mideon-34 days6/21/99Memphis, TN
D'Lo Brown (3)Mideon28 days7/25/99Buffalo, NY
Jeff JarrettD'Lo Brown1 day8/22/99Minneapolis, MN
Mark HenryJeff Jarrett34 days8/23/99Ames, IA
D'Lo Brown (4)Mark Henry30 days9/26/99Charlotte, NC
British Bulldog (2)D'Lo Brown47 days10/26/99Springfield, MA
Val VenisBritish Bulldog58 days12/12/99Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Kurt AngleVal Venis54 days2/8/00Austin, TX
Chris JerichoAngle/Benoit1 day4/2/00Anaheim, CA
Eddie GuerreroChris Jericho111 days4/3/00Los Angeles, CA
Perry SaturnEddie GuerreroCurrent Champ6/23/00Dallas, TX


1- The British Bulldog pins Owen Hart in the finals of a tournament to crown the first European Champion.

2- Shawn Michaels is ordered by Commissioner Slaughter to defend the belt against friend and ally, Hunter Hearst Helmsly. He intentionally loses the match and title.

3- An injured Hunter Hearst Helmsly attempted to swerve Owen Hart by sending out the Artist Formerly Known as Goldust (made up to look like HHH) for the match. Owen defeated Goldust, but Commissioner Slaughter ruled that since the match was scheduled to be a European Title match, and Owen had pinned "Helmsly", he would be awarded the belt.

4- Hunter Hearst Helmsley goads an injured Owen Hart to put the title up for grabs in an unscheduled RAW is WAR match. HHH wins and takes the title with a little help from Chyna.

5- Shane McMahon becomes the new champ in a stipulation tag team match with partner Kane against HHH/X-Pac. Shane pinned X-Pac to win the match and the belt.

6- Mideon brings back the European title out of retirement.

7- Since Mark Henry interfered and helped Jeff Jarrett win his match at Summerslam, Jarrett presented Henry with the WWF Euro belt as a reward.

8- Val Venis defeats Bulldog and D'Lo Brown in a triple threat match to win the title.

9- In an unprecedented triple threat two falls match for both the IC and Euro belts featuring reigning champion Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho, Jericho pins Benoit in the second fall to become the new Euro champ.