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All right everyone!! This is XWANG back with more news and rumors in the Wrestling World Today!! Before I start I GOTTA plug my brand-NEW website, STUNNER CITY!! Come today at and sign up for the newsletter or check out the WWF 2000 Screens and Quicktimes!! P.S- I need columnist like myself, so PLEASE EMAIL ME!!

Since Iíve stopped whining, apparently we can start! First off, weíve just come off a SPECTACULAT PPV named Fully Loaded!! I wasnít at the show, but judging from the emails I got from people that attended, it was one of the great ones this year. 4 TITLES CHANGED HANDS and BOSSMAN GOT THE HARDCORE TITLE!! I was REALLY surprised that Bossman beat Snow, but then again, it figures.

Now, some more Fully Loaded notes. It is being said on the internet that Austin bladed a little too deeply, and that was why he was receiving medical attention. Also tons of emails that I received are saying that they SAW Undertaker blade himself, so I guess Undertaker didnít sell it real well. Otherwise, the fans must have VERY GOOD SEATS!!

Marc Mero and Rena Mero will be on Fox Files tonight, a segment on the WWF vs. Rena Mero situation. Apparently, this court case is settled, but I wouldnít really count on it. Anyway, be sure to tune in tomorrow for the interview!!

Rumors have been saying that Tammy Lynn Sytch is PREGNANT!! The fact of the matter is, she is NOT pregnant, as I have asked Shane Douglas about that. I e-mailed him yesterday, and he emailed back in about 30 minutes, stating that "Sunny" is NOT pregnant YET, but probably will be in the soon future!!

In the latest Jericho commentary, he states that "he was told by the WWF to be probably held back until a September debut". I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THEY DID THIS, AND THIS BETTER BE FALSE!! I really feel that the WWF would be lowering Jerichos status a LOT by delaying his debut for a month!! What the hell is the WWF thinking? If this is real, then what the hell is behind the damn "Millenium Countdown" gig? HELL!!

In other news, the Acclaim Brady Guide for WWF ATTITUDE is really f****ed up!! They have WCW people in there, mixed up the wresters moves, and hell, why not Ravenís picture? Do NOT BUY THIS GUIDE and instead, WAIT FOR THE OFFICIAL WWF ATTITUDE GUIDE BY ACCLAIM AVAILABLE SOON!! The current release date for the game is August 4th-Mid August but some places might get it today!! Call your local Babbages or Software Etc. ASAP!! Unless, of course, you didnít pre-purchase it!

The 1999 KOTR video will be available to rent or buy August 22nd. That will be 2 days after Summerslam, where we get to see the Body himself, Jesse Ventura. It is said that Ventura will appear on a couple of Raw before Summerslam, just to give the fans the feel as what his character would be and also to hype it up. Iím really looking forward to Summerslam, as I plan to attend the event but I havenít gotten tickets yet. If ANYBODY WILL SELL ME SOME TICKETS, I WILL PAY MONEY!!

Next, it seems that the WWF wants some more "in-shape" wrestlers by telling Paul Bearer, D-Lo Brown, and Mark Henry to lose weight!! I mean, I can understand why they would want Henry and Bearer, but when it comes to D-Lo, You BETTER RECOGNIZE!!

In the latest WWF House Show, Edge came away with an unexpected victory over JJ, that gave him the IC Belt. How long did he have it? 1 WHOLE DAY!! YIPPEEEE!! Seriously, I was definitely surprised that Edge won, considering that JJ is supposed to be getting a push right now. Then again, the Rattlesnake is living with Debra in my home state, TEXAS!! I gotta get some pics and video.

Well, Bart Gunn is FINISHED with WWF, and I hope itís for good. I never liked him, and I canít figure out why the WWF would want him in the first place. I respect him as an athlete, but he sure canít sell in the wrestling business!!

This next section is VERY LONG, so be patient!- As we all know Austin and the Undertaker have had a long history together, and I have seen some kickass matches in the results of this feud. However, the WWF bookers need to see that the people are getting bored and arenít getting that usual high when Austin fights Undertaker. Undertaker is basically retired, and Austin is just carrying him along so he will be remembered. I think that this Austin vs. Undertaker feud should have ended at Summerslam, and I look forward to the HHH and Austin feud coming up for Summerslam. I donít like HHH, but he did give me an autograph before and was really nice to me, so I respect him a lot. He has certainly rose from the ranks this past year, from IC Contender to Championship material. I feel that HHH deserved every last cent, because he is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the WWF. I feel that HHH should have the title for at least half a year if not more!! I am a face and love faces, but u have to admit it, HHH deserves one after working about 10 years in the WWF straight!!

To finish this report off, I will talk about the Live Raw is War yesterday. I felt that this was great, considering that the Big Show and Undertaker have finally joined forces, making one of the most dynamic and powerful duos EVER!!! This will be perfect for the Austin vs. Big Show angle coming up after Summerslam. Undertaker can really put the Big Show over as a heel, as he did Monday Night. Next, we saw the Rock starting a little feud with Bad Ass, and I think thatís where he should go and stay for at least a little while.

Well, thats about it for this report, and remember, visit my website at!! C-YA Friday!

Xing Wang