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Cat bans MIA & Animals from ring during Crusierweight match, then beats up Jung Dragons

Match One: Juventud Guerrera vs. Lt. Loco -- CRUSIERWIEGHT TITLE MATCH
Winner and STILL champ: Lt. Loco via Tornado DDT.

Match Two: Big Vito vs. Norman Smiley & Ralphus -- HARDCORE HANDICAP MATCH FOR HARDCORE TITLE
Winner and STILL champ: Big Vito via big splash on Ralphus through table

Match Three: Miss Hancock vs. Daphney -- WEDDING GOWN MATCH
Winner: Daphney.
Afterwards, David Flair, Miss Hancock, Daphney & Crowbar had a food fight with wedding cake.

The Cat is concearned about the fact that Hulk Hogan has not arrived

Match Four: The Perfect Event vs. Kronic -- TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH
Winners and NEW champs: Kronic via top rope double team clothesline on Shawn Stasiak.

Jarrett says he will screw Cat's show if Hogan doesn't show up

Match Five: "Positively" Kanyon vs. Booker T
Winner: Kanyon via Kanyon Cutter after Jeff Jarrett hit Booker T with guitar.

Match Six: Scott Stiener vs. Mike Awesome -- US TITLE MATCH
Winner: No Contest, Stiener used Stiener Recliner so Cat stripped him of title.

Match 7: Demon vs. Vampiro -- GRAVEYARD MATCH
Winner: Vampiro.

Match Eight: Buff Bagwell vs. The Franchise
Winner: Franchise via neckbreakerr after Torrie Wilson joined him

Match Nine: Jeff Jarrett vs. Hollywood Hogan -- WCW WORLD TITLE MATCH
-- Vince Russo is in Jeff Jarrett's corner.
Winner and NEW champ: Hollywood Hogan via Jeff Jarrett laying down and Russo throwing the belt to Hogan.

Vampiro come into arena to officially win the graveyard match. "Stings" carry out a coffin. A Sting comes out of the coffin and beats up Vampiro and leaves.

Russo comes out and explains things: he left WCW because of the politics in the back & he came back for guys who bust ass: Booker T's, MIA, Jarret, people who "give a shit" about WCW. Hulk Hogan doesn't give a shit. Hogan didn't want to lose to Jarrett, Hulk Hogan is gone from WCW. Russo said he won't rip the fans off. WCW title that Hogan has does not "mean shit". New WCW belt goes to Jeff Jarrett, but he defends the title tonite against Booker T.

Match Ten: Kevin Nash vs. Bill Goldberg -- FOR SCOTT HALLS CONTRACT
Winner: Goldberg via Jackhammer when Scott Stiener turned on Kevin Nash.

Match 11: Booker T vs. Jeff Jarrett -- WCW WORLD TITLE MATCH
Winner and NEW champ: Booker T via Book End