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A play with no script, no stage, and no limit except that of the human imagination. Where the actors create the persona of their characters and bring them to life.

Every saturday, approximately from 6:30pm until 12:30am we offer a chance to step away from reality. To become someone other than yourself and something other than what life has deemed you to be. We are the players of Minds Eye Theatre, a live action role playing game in a setting where we are not humanity struggling against the creatures of night, but we are those creatures and it is us who struggle against mankind. Taking the persona of Vampires, Faeries, Werewolves, Wraiths and other such creatures we stalk the night.

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The Narrator Team

The Main Rules

#1- *It's Only a Game*

This is by far the rule that must always be kept in mind. If a character dies, make a new one. If a plot falls apart, devise a new one. Dont take it too seriously because not only will you find that you will ruin your personal enjoyment of the game, but you will spoil it for others as well.

#2- *No Touching*

Never accually have physical contact with the other players, this rule is a must because accidents can happen, and someone may get hurt.

#3- *No Stunts*

It doesnt matter how quick your character is or how strong. No leaping, climbing, or jumping, if you can imagine you are a vampiric elder then you can imagine you are jumping from the rooftop. Use your acting ability to represent actions that could be dangerous, not your physical self.

#4- *No Weapons*

Whether real or not. We represent weapons with cards not props. The possession of such a thing at the game is just cause for permanent expulsion from the Larp.

#5- *No Alcohol or Drugs*

There is absolutely no compromise on this one if caught with either on your person or if the storytelling team is presented with proof that you are under the influence of either substance while at the game you will not be allowed to return again.

#6- *Be Mindful of Others*

Remember not all those around you may be playing the game, and what they could percieve this to be, could be unnerving or frightning to a passerby. Do not commit actions to cause alarm in those that are not a part of the Larp.

#7- *Have Fun*

Not "Win", or "Go out and kill as many as you can", or "Amass more power than everyone else". The object of the game is not to win and there is in actuality no rules on the nature of "winning."The goal is to tell memorable stories. Its not about whats at the end of the road but the journey between the begining and that.

You can contact our Storyteller Jon Rinehamer for more information about the rules or our playing ground. Or if you wish direct your questions to any of us on the team.

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