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Dosage :
5 mg of Isoniazid/kg of body weight or 300 mg (3 tablets) daily with other antimycobacterial medication.
Infants and Children:
For treatment of active tuberculosis, 10 to 20 mg of Isoniazid/kg daily 10 mg/kg in one or more doses; for preventive therapy, approximately 10 mg/kg daily in one dose.
Presentation :
Boxes of 100 tablets in strips.
Composition :
Each tablet contains :
Isoniazid 100 mg,
Pyridoxine HCl 10 mg
Indications :
Niacifort-6 is recommended for the treatment of all forms of tuberculosis in which the organisms are susceptible. The drug must be used in combination with another agent for treatment, although it is used alone for prophylaxis.
Adverse reactions :
The most frequent side effects of Isoniazid are those affecting the nervous system and the liver. Peripheral neuritis is prevented by the prophylactic administration of Pyridoxine, the second important component of Niacifort 6. Isoniazid can cause hepatic necrosis in some individuals receiving this drug; the incidence of hepatitis increases with age.