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Koshikawa Miki's Junk Jungle

A Marmalade Boy Page

Minna! I haven't updated this page in a long time, Gomen Ne! I plan to reconstruct and add some new things to the page. Matte, yo! Onegai!

Marmalade Boy Characters

  • Koshikawa Miki

  • Matsuura Yuu

  • Akizuki Meiko

  • Suzuki Arimi

  • Suou Ginta

  • Miwa Satoshi

  • Namura Shinici

    Marmalade Boy Plot

    Well, Marmalade Boy is a romantic/comedy anime. It is a story about a young teenaged girl named Koshikawa Miki and her normal high-school life. Her life is all of a suddened changed when her parents, Koshikawa Jin and Koshikawa Rumi decide to switch spouses with another couple they had mat in Hawaii, the Matsuura family. Relunctant to give in to this new announcement in he family life, Miki must face her parents breaking up to be with another. The good news is that her parents wouldn't really have to be separated and they could all live together as one big family with the Matsuura Youji and Matsuura Chiyako. Miki also found out she wasn't the only teenager that would have to face this new experience of family affairs. She soon finds out that the Matsuura's have a son named Yuu. Yuu is totally handsome and Miki immediately believes he is so utterly cool. "I must be so lucky to have met him," she says to herself. She is happy to find out that they can share their troubles with their parents together and possibly talk them into getting back together with each other. But, that's not how he felt about the family change. He took the situation more calmly as he thought about it.

    Miki eventually gets use to the fact that her parents are separated for good. Yuu starts off teasing Miki and that made Miki mad. She told him he was like Marmalade, he has a really bitter part, but everyone is fooled. They tease each other endlessly in the outside but have deep feeling for each other inside. Soon in the series, Ginta, an old beau enters as well as Yuu's old girlfriend, Arimi. Things get really interesting from this point on in the series, as together Arimi and Ginta team up to break Yuu and Miki up, as they begin to develop a relationship with each other. Their attempts end up with dramatically different results. The more they try to pull Yuu and Miki apart, the more they become closer to each other. Ginta and Arimi later begin to discover that they have fallen in love with each other and the story gets even more complicated as new characters join the cast.

    The Seiyuu of Marmalade Boy

  • Okiayu Ryoutarou: Matsuura Yuu
  • Kouda Mariko: Koshikawa Miki
  • Arimi: Hisakawa Aya
    " Yuu you're like marmalade. You have a really bitter part, but eveyone is fooled. You're a marmalade boy."

    "It's perfect isn't it? Then Miki is this. The mustard girl who is just bitter all over."--Yuu--

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    Konnichiwa, minna-san! Welcome to my Marmalade Boy Page! Marmalade Boy episode summaries are on the way! Since I currently don't have a scanner, the pics on this page were taken from MB sites around the web.It's currently under construction. Please come again soon.


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