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Every night, the beautiful Isolde would stand
on the castle battlements watching and waiting
for her lover to rescue her from the evil King
Buford. The King, desiring her affections, stole
Isolde from her intended, Sir Gawain, and confined
her to his castle. Unbeknownst to the King, the
Castle Wizard took pity on the poor girl, and
gifted her with two mighty weapons.... the first,
a sword that could only become deadly in the
hand of someone pure in heart... and secondly, a
crystal sphere with magical might that she was
empowered to use to thwart the advances of her
diabolical captor..


Isolde, with the aid of her magic sword, and the mystical
ball, was able to slay her most hated adversaries...
including the wicked King.

Upon seeing that she had conquered all, her Wizard friend
whistled loudly, and a beautiful white flying horse
arrived at her side to take her to her beloved.

And they lived very happily ever after.



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