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The Ecstatic Universalist Meditation Techniques of CET~

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(1.) Meditation on music

I have used the technique of meditation on the music of my choice for many years. This is an ancient ecstatic technique and it has been used in many cultures over the years. What you do is, Sit quietly and listen to your favorite music with your mind calmed, breathing deeply and calmly with your eyes closed. Become one with the music.

Choose music to meditate to that inspires and moves you and gives you chills of awe. The idea is to feel the power of the music and see how this power is coming from Indwelling Being or from your own inner light. Hazrat Inayat Khan has written extensively on this practice. All music originally emanated from a pure divine source.

All music is sacred. You may not have an affinity with all music but you can choose the music which moves you for your practice. I like sacred chants of any kind. Rock hits that have a sacred flavor, classical music, ballads, Qawali etc. If you are a musician, you can use your own music.

I like the music of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, E.S. Posthumus, Enya, Clannad, Deep Forest, Enigma, Adiemus, Constance Demby, most classical music, my own music and many many other artists for music meditation. I am always looking for some new music that I have not heard yet. The bliss of the Beloved is ever-new and so is the variety of music in the world, now more than ever before. The point is that you must choose the music that moves YOU. The songs that make you cry, that cause you to feel free or in love, that take you to that deep place within your own heart.

Remember, when you are listening to this music you must empty your mind of thoughts and let yourself become one with the sound and with those who wrote and recorded the songs and ultimately with the inner spirit that inspired them; GOD. As you sit, flow with the sound. Consider the sound to be the audible presence of God. Let that spirit within you resonate with what you are hearing outside of you. As you float away with these sounds of love and poetry, you will feel the deep feeling of awe for life and spirit itself. You will feel rushes of the Joyous Presence, the vibrations that move you to ecstacy, that profound Spirit feeling.

When you feel these radiating chills of awe, you are feeling the Voice of Allah. Do not fight this feeling, do not fear it, let it fill you, let it play with you. Let yourself open up to the ecstatic movements of the Infinite Spirit. This practice is excellent for those times when you are stressed out and tired and you just need some peace.

It's like taking a bath in sacred sound energy. Everyone uses this meditation in one form or another but they don't necessarily think of it as a meditation. This technique has been handed down from teacher to student for countless eons. I meditate to many different varieties of music. All music has this quality in it. It is just a matter of what appeals to you personally.

The sacred use of awe-inspiring music can lead you very swiftly to the depths and heights of ecstatic union with the Supreme Spirit, where His Music is heard spontaneously within your own mind, heart and soul without any external source. It is so simple. It is more of a non-technique. It can be taught to anyone young or old. Many people see brilliant inner lights or many colors when performing these sound current techniques, many people do not see lights. It actually doesn't matter. One day you will see all that there is to see, so train yourself to be patient. If you would like to know more about what music I like for these purposes, e- mail me and I will give you some suggestions. The Ecstatic Reality of music cannot be denied. Learning this technique will prepare you for the meditation on the Inner Sound Current which is profoundly potent and deeply subtle.

These sound meditation practices are very effective. Never allow yourself to practice it in an angry or revengful mood. First purify your mind with good deeds, prayer or chanting and then put on your music and listen with your heart and soul. Divine Oneness will speak to you. Through this practice you will realize that you are the Beloved of God and that God is your own Beloved. Cultivate openness to the inspiration of spiritual energy [LIGHT] through sacred sound. There is no limit to the growth you can realize using this ancient technique. * HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!* *****

(2.) Meditation on the inner sound current

When you are still and it is quiet, there is a vast, deep and extremely subtle broadband sound current going on constantly in your inner ear, in your brain and indeed in the consciousness at the center of your being. It is said that in the beginning one should listen with the right ear but in time one hears the current in the center of one's brain or in the third eye or Wisdom Eye area. It has been called many things by the spiritual teachers of the world.

It has been called OM, HU, the Bani, the Sound Current, the Wind, Shabda, Nada, the Voice of Many Waters, the Ocean of Light and many other names. It is also called the Music of the Spheres and has been resounding as white noise, gravity, light and inspiration since the Big Bang billions of years ago when Karma brought this physical universe into being.

It is the "Unstruck Chord" within you and all around you. All manifestation is potentialized within it. The Infinite Sound Current is inherent, without cause, unconditional and prior to any other perceived phenomena in existence. It resounds for you at the deepest level of your heart and it is identical with God the Nameless [Anami]. It is the Eternal Gayatri of the Enlightened Buddhas. It is the source and sustaining energy of your own life force itself. It is the fabric of the inner worlds and the Unseen Realms.

It is the very real and authentic SOUNDSCAPE and LIGHTSCAPE of your own inner being. You can travel to any region in the inner universes by flying in this current of audible life force. The practice of sound and light meditation or Sant Mat (as it is popularly called), is taught by many Masters and teachers.

It is too powerful to be given without some preparation. One must receive initiation into the technique. Many have already gotten it from Spirit directly and if you have, then that is quite excellent. You are blessed! The practice is very similar to meditation on music except that you listen to the music within. This is why I recommend that students learn to listen well to the outer sounds before attempting to go inside and face the King of Kings in His Real Element. Sound is Light, they are just different frequencies of the same energy.

Often a lovely new sound experience is accompanied by a wonderful brilliant new light experience. Sometimes they seem unconnected, other times they feel as one experience. You may see Saints, Yogis, Masters, Gods, Angels, Orbs or Craft of brilliant light, stars and planets or the blinding light of uncountable galaxies accompanied by a deep sub-audible penetrating sound like rolling thunder, flutes, drums, oceans, wind etc. There are mantras and different preparation techniques for beginning this potent type of meditation.

If you are interested I will consider giving them individually, free of charge of course after spending some time talking to you and meditating on your needs. It is helpful if you can send me a picture of yourself so I can tune in to your energies more accurately. I must protect these practices from those who would misuse them so the case by case consideration must remain a rule. Anyone can be worthy of this technique but they must fulfill certain requirements in order to understand it. E-Mail me if you are interested and we will talk about it further. *YA WALI!* May you know the inner Ecstacy of the Song of Creation and be forever free! HUUUUUUUU!*


(3.) Meditation on Mantra and Tantra

Mantra Yoga is a very deep and involved practice which is used by every religion in the world in one form or another. You can chant the names and sacred words aloud or you can sit quietly and repeat silently the Name of God or a Mantra of your choice. When repeating silently, repeat the full Mantra with each incoming and outgoing breath. There are many sacred words for you to choose from. Choose one that resonates with your own feelings.

Some might like to think of God by remembering His Names, others might like to see the Truth in a more general way so they can use phrases that inspire from this perspective. As you breathe in and breathe out this inspiring phrase or name of God, you feel yourself to be one with it. You lose your self-identity [i.e. memory, ego, accomplishments real or imagined]in the Greater Oneness identity in contemplation of the Mantra. You will find that this is a very good way to calm your mind and attain concentration. If you have thoughts going on while you try this practice, fear not, that is completely normal. Just let the thoughts go on and mix them with your concentration technique. Witness them without interference. Let the thoughts be like clouds in the sky of your inner mind. Let the Mantra that you repeat symbolize or embody the nature of your inner sky.

In time you will find that when you repeat this Mantra, you will become one-pointed and relaxed and there will be no irrelevant or trivial thoughts arising. Some mantras that are used are; Om Namah Shivaya, Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhisvaha, Om, Hu, Yahweh Adonai, MU, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, Ya Wali, Govinda Jaya Jaya, Om Guru, Om Mani Padme Hum, Hare Krishna, Hare Rama, Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum, La Illaha Ill Allah Huuu, OM SAT TAT, Aham Sah or So Ham, Lord Jesus Son of God have mercy on me, Sri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram Om, Namo Amida Butsu, Sat Nam, and the list goes on and on infinitely.

You can use one of these or choose your own. You can get initiation from a Master into one of these names or you can just repeat the name of your teacher. One person I knew just repeated God, God, God.

Tantra, although very simple in its essence is harder to understand mentally. It is characterized by visualization techniques, esoteric rituals and various difficult practices such as meditation in a graveyard or long retreats in solitude and darkness. It is dangerous to try these kinds of advanced practices without guidance from an experienced Teacher. You can read about all these various practices in the many books written on this subject.

The Tantric techniques have been greatly misunderstood over the years. Tantra uses the energy of creation and destruction itself. The Tantras are huge collections of sacred writings on the meditation on different dieties and forces and how they affect you and the people around you. They are found in ancient Vedic Hundu teachings and in the many initiations and empowerments of Mahayana Buddhism. Many esoteric methods from the religions of the world are essentially very Tantric in nature and not for the unempowered or unguided. You must go to the Lamas, Sufis or Gurus in order to learn it in depth. But you can see everyone as God, as your own higher self in your daily life. This is a Tantric practice that all of us can do. It will strengthen your compassion and weaken your false-pride and ego-self. May everyone be happy! * HUUUUUU!*


(4.) Formless Zen Meditation

This technique is a non-technique. The whole point to it is to go beyond technique itself, to go direct to the Inner Light. The emphasis in Zen meditation is on how to sit, how long to sit, where to sit etc. The point here is that the thought-free state or what is called Mindfulness is what Zen aims for. The emptying process! The free mind-space where the non-verbal, unexplainable reality arises on its own when you can still yourself enough. The dialogue with the Master is another aspect of Zen practice. In this dialoque the student is prompted by the teacher to explore deep unexpressable realities. The relationship between student and Master in Zen practice is very intimate and sincere.

Only by such deep surrender can the student hope to penetrate to the Divine Nature within himself. You can try it. Just sit still and let thoughts stop. When your mind is cleared and the thoughts subside, there you will apprehend the Truth about yourself and life itself. It is a non-technique. Zen meditation is much like the meditation on Music in that it is a passive practice and requires the cessation of all effort.

Most of the obstacles in Zen meditation lie in the struggle to authentically still the mind's thoughts and concepts. When inherent unconditional Enlightenment is reached through this type of meditation, the practitioner is freed from the notions and concepts which have ruled his inner world mostly unknown to him.

Often the process with Zen meditation can be painful and stressful but the rewards are impossible to quantify. There are many Zen centers around the world and I have included links to some of them. Zen Meditation has always been dear to me. I came into this world with a Zenlike attitude toward life and it took me years to find out that I was not alone in feeling this. Zen Meditation is beyond words and descriptions, this is why the Zen stories and Koans are so hard to understand, enigmatic and paradoxical. They are pointing towards a deeper non-verbal realty that when found within one's self, cannot be explained in words but must be shown or demonstrated! May you reach that home within you where emptiness and joy are your constant companions! *GATE GATE PARAGATE PARASAMGATE BODHISVAHA!*


(5.) Meditation on God and the Guru

This is a very old and useful way to meditate. Whether you are meditating on the Supreme Formless Divine Oneness or on the enlightened Guru who has realized God, it is the same dynamic. By seeing everyone and everything as God and Guru, You are acknowledging your own worthiness and enlightenment potential. You simply sit quietly in whatever position is best for you and you picture the Master or an archtypical aspect of God in your mind's eye.

This third eye visualization practice will become very real to you in time. You will see the object of your meditation in your mind. This is the meditation of God with form, also known as meditation on the Master or Guru. It is designated as the highest technique by Lord Shiva in the Guru Gita. He says that the Guru or enlightened being is identical to God himself, and can save you from the samsara of worldly suffering and rebirth. This style of meditation relies on grace [help] from the Saint or from God in order to lift your vision into the Heavenly level.

The idea is that if you truly have faith in God and Guru then you are open to their influence which is potent and mysterious and can save you from your karma and confusion by instilling truth in your mind. Many famous Enlightened Yogis have taught this kind of meditation with much success. Their power and grace is still felt even long after they have passed away out of this world. In this style of contemplation you are speaking directly to the Guru or God within yourself, and you learn to listen to the inspiration and inner blessings when they come to you. This method is used in virtually every religion and spiritual path in one form or another. *Om Namo Guru Buddha Gnani Hum!*


(6.) Meditation on your own Self and Life

This self-inquiry method is one that is really part of every method. In it, the practitioner learns to look closely at himself and takes all his own blame and all his own credit. It is a method which takes one beyond the delusion of duality. You look closely within and see that you are Infinite Spirit Itself! You see this and you see yourself in all beings. This is a great equalizing technique.

It is part of all techniques and as I say: "It is bad to fool another person but it is far worse to fool yourself." In this practice you simply sit quietly and examine your life, your whole life. It may take a long time to get to the point of looking closely at your present life circumstances and how your own actions have brought you to the present time. You can take as long as you like. Start with your childhood memories and work your way forward. This does not have to be done in one sitting. Just leave off at a certain point and take it up again when you resume the meditation (You can write down where you stopped). This may take time but it is much more effective than going to a counselor or psychologist.

The reason for this is that you will not pretend to yourself but you will pretend and project when talking to another. When you have looked at all of your life and are up to the present, then you can begin to examine the quality and essential status of your present life and consciousness. This can be a happy thing or a sad thing depending on how you have lived, on what you are involved in at present. It may cause you to rejoice or it may cause you sadness and make you want to make changes. The whole purpose of this kind of practice is to travel beyond delusion and self-deception. *SAT NAM SAT NAM SAT NAM~*


(7.) Meditation on Compassion and seeing all beings as your Mother or Parent

This is a very old method, no one knows when this practice began. It was taught by the Buddha himself. He said that since we all live so very many embodied lifetimes on this Earth, That every being you meet and see has been your mother and father at some time in the past. He said that we should give the love that we would feel for our own parents to all beings equally from the bottom of our hearts.

To practice this meditation you must be sincere, you must be for real. This is something that cannot be pretended. Life will put you in the situations where you will be tested, usually in front of many witnesses, to see if you do really love all beings as your father or mother. This is the deepest love of all. This is the Great Compassion. This is the Holy of Holies. If you can live on this level of compassion then you are living Enlightened! This is a meditation that goes on all day every day in your life. It is a most beautiful practice. It is true unqualified Love and respect for all living beings because you have seen that they are God. You are God, we are God, all is Spirit, the Buddha Nature, the Highest Anami, the Supreme Divine Oneness! Your Mother, The One that loves you unconditionally!



(8.) Meditation on the Supreme Father and Divine Mother

Now I will describe the Meditation on the Supreme Father/Divine Mother. All is Him/Her, who is actually quite beyond gender! The endless universe and all of life within it, the higher planes of life, imagination and fantasy,love and subtle powers, all places, dimensions and possible realities; in short all of life. The Whole is only the Supreme Father/Divine Mother of us all.

All is this spirit energy. All is this Light. In the most deep spiritual practices, the Supreme Father/Divine Mother is seen as the OCEAN of LIGHT. This universal meditation is the seeing of all that is, the Whole, as the Universal Mother,as the Supreme Father. And the way we see and feel Him/Her is the LIGHT. It lights up our inner vision like the sun at midday.

It is said that the supreme experience of the ANAMI is brighter than a trillion suns. This is reasonable since the entire endless universe and all the galaxies are within this Supreme Father/Divine Mother. This Father is the Infinitum Animas, the Infinite Lord of Lords, The Prior, the Eldest Being, Consciousness Itself. This Mother is His qualities. She is our home and our own self. This is the highest aspect of the infinite. It yawns out before us in all the ten directions in a staggering display of transcendent grandeur and power, manifesting vast, trackless depths, all the while highlighting how empty we really are in comparison.

This REALITY, this infinite DEEP WISDOM PARAMITA, This Sublime Tara, this ANAMI [Nameless Reality], unexplainable, compassionate Father/Mother of all Buddhas, Saints, Siddhas, True Believers, Innocents, and all of us and all life, is within us always. This light is the light of consciousness itself. This light is the Great Spirit the Holy Tao, the Universal Father/Mother, whose nature is enlightenment and bliss.

You can sit in meditation and contemplate God's attributes like this; Sing God's Names, Put on music, listen to the inner music that resonates along with the outer music, thereby harmonizing the inner and outer consciousness to sit in Ecstatic Meditation!

Let your mind be free as you ascend to higher and higher planes of infinite bliss within your own heart in samadhi or inner trance experience. Bow to and respect all the Saints, Prophets, Buddhas, Siddhas, Aboriginal Elders and Great Beings of all times and ask their help for your quest. Let your mind be empty in Zen awareness. Let your awareness rest in the Truth within you, the Most Excellent Dharma, The Unmanifest Reality, The Peerless Divine Nature; who is the only true and real Supreme Spirit, The Beloved Grandfather.

And in this perfect love of the enlightened nature, in this Deep Wisdom Perfection you will have refuge forever,and be a Living Bodhisattva, a Friend of the Universe, one who sees all beings as his Father/Mother, One who practices the GREAT COMPASSION. Such a one will never be separated from Enlightened Mind, because he has found the Beloved at the very deepest core of himself; at the level he came from, that we all come from every day and forever. This is the Ecstatic Truth!

This is the goal of all spiriual practices. To know that Beloved, whose love is beyond words and whose love is beyond measure. This Great Light that shines forever is within you all the time. Learn to pay attention to IT, and IT will pay attention to YOU and give you perfect peace of mind! Light speaks from your lips, the Closest Friend is with you and within you always. This is the Truth. Grandpa Carl says: look honestly within and find your true teacher and know that which is beyond words, the Holy of Holies, The Home of Sat Nam, Your heart where resides the Father/Mother of all Beings, the very BELOVED! Now we have arrived back where we started from. We started from You and we have finally come back home to HU.

This is the essence of Meditation: to make firm and clear contact with the that One Great Spirit itself within you, the Divine Oneness, the "Inexaustable Joy" of the Buddha Nature, The Garden of Universal I AM, The Perfect Wisdom of your own True being. Then you will know the deepest secret of life, The perfect joy of living, Freedom, The entrance to the Temple Ecstatic. The Oneness with all life. Success to you!



BELIEVE IT OR NOT, these days I find that more and more I am in a non-verbal mindset. My dad was a great talker and I grew up talking with him about anything and everything that crossed my mind. They tell me that as soon as I was old enough to say a few words, (about 1 or so) my dad would come home from work and I would look at him and say, "Les talk!"

I learned a lot from listening and talking all my life. I find that nowadays I like to put ideas into print more so than talking. I guess it is the way you can sit back and read what you've written that somehow makes the written word more appealing to me, but really it is the same as talking.

My meditation practice has taken me to so many places over the years that I cannot describe them anymore. In fact, it was when I decided not to try to describe them that I began to notice that I was moving steadily deeper all the time. I realized that I had been mentally describing these experiences as they happened. I would see a light or experience a particular samadhi state and I would mentally narrate the experience to myself. It was a hard habit to break. I had to exercise extreme will power to shut my mind up at those sublime moments. I finally found that it was this real-time mental narration that was holding me back from going a lot deeper. I also found that I used to mentally fill in the gaps when someone was telling me something, so that what I ended up understanding from what they said was what I thought they meant, not what they had actually said. I learned to forget who I was and what I was in this meditative state, so that not only was I not narrating my experiences to myself as they occured, but I was not limiting my experience of self to what my mind could grasp or memory could confirm.

This then led me to wonder if perhaps people are not really saying what they appear to be saying when they speak. This was when I realized that much of the time, when someone is speaking about someone else, they are generally speaking of themselves, and just as often when they speak of themselves, they are really speaking of someone else. This led me deeper into a strange but profound non-verbal realm where pure naked thought is the experience, and no describing of this thought was necessary or even possible.

I found that what I experience in meditation actually completely defies description. All those who have practiced meditation for any length of time will have a taste of what I mean. If we try to explain it or describe it to someone who is not experienced, it is like that mental narration that only confuses us, only dumbs us down and prevents inner freedom. 'Lost in translation' is a term that come to mind.

My wife asked me the other night,"Where do you go when you meditate?"

I thought about that for a minute and said, "Everywhere."

"Do I go with you?" she asked.

This made me smile. I said, "Yes."

"Even if I am not sitting up?" she asked. :)

"Yes," I replied.

But really this was all misleading and rather silly to even try to explain, but it made some kind of sense to her. I do what I do for everyone~

So what do I talk of these days? I talk of techniques, philosophy, history and comparative teaching methods, but I do not try to explain the wordless realm with words. I find that those folks who are driven to talk and talk about the enlightenment experience are actually searching, seeking, wanting more, wanting corroboration, wanting validation, and these things are not bad, not at all. This is how we grow. There is really nothing else to talk about. We need to talk about whatever we feel the need to talk about. So I will talk willingly about such things with those who feel a need to do so, but I no longer fool myself into thinking that describing a thing is the thing itself. Meditation allows one to connect on a deep seminal level to the Reality of one's own inner universe and this life. No amount of talk can equal the experience of deep meditation. No amount of description can equal the thing that is being described.

I do not get into discussions on what to call God because this is just more of that mental self-narration. Any name one attaches to the Whole is limiting either to time, place, culture or ideology. It really doesn't matter. It is like naming the universe. Shall we call the infinite universe Malcolm or Heather? Urantia? Monty Python's Flying Circus? Flatulentia? No how can anyone name the infinite? A relationship with Spirit is really a relationship with one's own Truth, with one's Real Self. Similarly a relationship with the universe is really a relationship with our own space, with our own infinite nature.

Meditation is the true key. All else is narration and by nature, limited. There are as many ways to meditate as there are beings in the universe. It is up to us if we want to use a proven method or just flail around joyously and try a little of this or that. This journey is purely one of our own choice, but one day we all find this key and learn to use it in our own way. There is certainly nothing new under the sun. Whatever can be perceived has been perceived before.

Love and Peace to you all~

Your Friend

Grandpa Carl Edward Thompson, the Cosmic Traveler.