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HFSHC Sporthorse Association

SHHF Studs and Broodmares

          Studs And Broodmares


                                  Java Twist, Black Thoroughbred Stallion, 1997


                                                    Stallion Row

Show Name Barn   Name   Breed Age   Color     Training     
Radio Active      Reilly   TB   5 Chestnut        Racing
Java Twist      Java   TB   4  Black        Racing
Star Appeal       Star   TB   8    Bay      Dressage
San Francisco     Cisco   TB   6    Bay  Show Jumping
King Cassio III     Cassio Cleve. Bay   8    Bay   Driving, hunter
Scottish Trust      Scott Clydesdale   7    Bay   Draft Work
Doc Hollywood     Woody Westphalian   6 Chestnut  Show Jumping
 Custom Made       Cal  Hanoverian  10    Bay      Eventing
 Classic Cola      Cola Standardbred   5   Black Harness Racing
 Solar Eclipse     Sunny   Appaloosa   7   Bay    Eventing
 Windsor II      Taz   Friesian   8   Black     Dressage
WS Calypso      Jake   Arabian   6   Gray  Dressage, Hunter
Roman Raider     Raider Saddlebred   7 Chestnut     Dressage
Pas` dal Cyfic       Ty  Lippizzaner   9   Gray    Dressage


 Show Name Barn Name    Breed   Age Color    Training    
      Hershey Kiss     Kiss      TB    7   Bay        Hunter
Midnight at Chesapeake  Chessie      TB   8  Black  Dressage,hunter
   Gone with the Wind   Windy      TB   5   Bay   Ex-Racer,Hunter
    Sniger Bar Bailey     Bailey      QH   7 Palomino  Western, Hunter
  Blakke Lake's Majyck    Majyck   Arabian   6 Chestnut Dressage, Huntseat
     Colorado Frost    Frosty Appaloosa   10    Bay Dressage, hunter
   ZZ Abracadabra    Abbey   Friesian    7   Black  Dressage,huntseat
      Landing Fields     Landing Westphalian    8 Dark Bay    Show Jumping
  Finnegan Jalia Jasper     Jasper  Hanoverian   10 Chestnut Dressage,ShowJumping
      Magnolia Edition   Saddlebred    6 Chestnut  Dressage,huntseat
        Dutch Mistress Standardbred    5    Bay   Harness Racing
       Cass C Starrs Cassie   Morgan   7   Black        Hunter
      Sterling Silver Sterling Andalusian  10    Gray      Dressage
      Chantilly Lace  Lacey   Mustang   7  Brown        Hunter


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