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The Rights and Obligations of My Page

Here's the rights and responsibilties of being on this Web Page:
  • You can visit other Web Pages directly from my Page.
  • You can print out any part of my Web Page and use it for private use. If you wish print out something, and use it for public commercial use, my consent is required.
  • You will not damage or destroy any part of this Web Page.
  • If any part of this Web Page is in any violation of , , , religious beliefs, religious sins, local laws, or Federal laws, I am really sorry, please E-mail me at:, for any correction to this page.
  • By accessing any part of this Web Page, including this main page, RIGHT HERE, You hereby consent that you will not Prank Phone call me, Prank E-mail me( I'll know who sent an E-mail to me), Prank IM me, send any type of dangerous object through regular mail, or file a lawsuit against me, my parents, or any of my sponsers.
  • To get consent to print out and to use publicly or commercially, E-mail me at: