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Codes for Quest64

Spell Points
Here is a list that shows the amount of spirits you need to acquire certain spells:
Fire Spells
1: Fire Ball
7: Power Staff
10: Homing Arrow
13: Hot Steam
19: Compression
24: Fire Piller
30: Fire Bomb
32: Vampire's Touch
36: Magma Ball
40: Extinction
Earth Spells
1: Rock
7: Spirit Armor
10: Rolling Rock
13: Weakness
19: Magnet Rock
23: Confusion
24: Avalanche
34: Rock Shower
36: Magic Barrier
43: Weak All
Water Spells
1: Water Piller
7: Healing
10: Soul Searcher
16: Ice Wall
17: Ice Knife
35: Walking Water
46: Invalidity
Wind Spells
1: Wind Cutter
6: Restriction
10: Silence
13: Large Cutter
19: Evade
20: Wind Bomb
28: Cyclone
32: Slow Enemy
37: Wind Walk
47: Ultimate Wind

Avoid Some Attacks
When an enemy casts a ROCK spell on you, start running directly towards them. You will take control of your character while the boulder is still in the air. If you can get close enough to the enemy, fast enough, the stone will pass harmlessly overhead.