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Codes for Wayne Gretzky's 3-D Hockey 97'

Non-stop Fighting
  • This is cool if you just want to fight all the time, because, in fact, you'll be fighting every second with this code on. Good to surprise a friend, maybe. During a game, go to the Options menu and highlight fighting. Then hold L (left) and press these C buttons in this order: RLLRBTTBLRRLRL. R=right, L=left, B=bottom, T=top. If you've entered it correctly, a string of zeroes will appear on the bottom of the screen. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Appearance Change Code
  • At the Options screen, press any C button, hold it, and press the R button. This bringes up 16 zeros at the bottom of the screen. Here's what the C buttons do:
  • c-down changes head size
  • left-c hanges body size
  • c-up changes height. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Super Teams
  • Go to the Options Screen (you know, where you choose the rink size, team size, toggle penalties and more) and hold down the L button (on top of the controller.) While you're holding down the L button, press Right C, Left C, Left C, Right C, Left C, Left C, Right C, Left C & Left C. When you go to the team selection screen, you should see four "super" teams: Canada, USA, 99ers and Williams.
  • Hint: If you do the code correctly a 1 should appear in the 10th spot from the left. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Play Hockey with Invisible Players
  • During the opening face off, pause the game and select Replay. Make a player flash by pressing L or R, and while he's still flashing, press the Z-trigger button. He dissapears! You can make all the players disapear and play the game! ___________________________________________________________________________________ Various Codes to get Different Physical Atributes
  • Note: I will stop adding zeros after the first seven digits because you don't use the zeros any farther than the seventh digit.
  • 1100000 normal players with small heads
  • 0100000 normal players with giant heads
  • 1010100 midget players
  • 1101100 giant players with small heads
  • 0101100 giant players with giant heads
  • 0001010 giant players
  • 0110010 midget players with giant heads
  • 1000000 normal players with giant heads
  • 1110100 a different version of midgets
  • 0100100 a different version of midgets with giant heads
  • ___________________________________________________________________________________ Two-Player Practice Mode
  • You need two controllers or more to do this one. When you get to the main menu, move the joystick onto Practice mode and press A & hold it on one controller. Then at the same time, press A & hold it on another controller. It will let two-players in the practice mode. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Advertisement Trick
  • At any options menu screen (any non-gameplay menu), simply hit the Z-button to see an advertisement scroll across the lower part of the screen. Each time the Z-button is pressed, a different ad should appear. Included are ads from Campbell's Soup, Upper Deck, Beckett, Coca-Cola, Williams, and many others. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Credits with Pictures
  • If you hit the A button 20 times from the title screen, it will bring up a list of the staff credits of Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey, including some pictures of them.
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