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Codes for Wave Race 64

Floating Rider Glitch
This little glitch allows your rider to float on air. Go to time trials mode and choose any racer and go to Twilight City on Expert. As soon as the race starts gun it and try to get maximum power. Head straight for the jump and pull back while you're in the air. If done correctly your racer will sort of sit on the wall but you have to hold the throttle to keep him there. Do so and eventually the announcer will call a "course out." Keep holding A and you will be forced to retire. Now your rider should roll off the back of the jetski and into the water but if you did everything right, your jet ski will remain on the wall. Keep watching and your rider should float up into mid air and float there for a few seconds! It's nothing much but kinda cool to watch.
Get lots of points in Stunt Mode
Enter stunt mode with any player. Whenever you do a trick, immediatly pause the game. Wait until the announcer says something, then unpause the game. If you did it correctly, you will get tons of points.
Baby Dolphins and a Whale
In this code, you aren't affecting any particular race or racer, but you do attract three dolphins and a whale to follow you around.Go to Championship Mode, choose easy and then choose warm up. you'll end up in Dolphin Park. Follow the dolphin as it forges out two loops. Stay close to the dolphin, but don't lose it or pass it up. You'll know whether you're on the right track if, as you reach the pier, it'll do a flip. It's important that you do what the dolphin does, so if it does a barrel roll as it clear the jumps, then do barrel rolls; if it does flips, then do flips, etc. The dolphin seems to randomly make a choice as to which trick (if any) it performs each time you turn on the machine, so if you aren't good at the tricks, keep restarting machine until he's just clearing the jumps. After approximately two laps (each lap consists of two times around), the dolphin will do a back flip (if you've done it right), and a baby dolphin will follow you. Each time you do it another baby dolphin will appear until there's three.After you've completed approximately 30 laps of this kind without falling, passing the dolphin, or messing up in any other way, you'll attract a killer whale to join the pack!
Dolphin Ride
In stunt mode, go to Dolphin Park, ride through all of the rings and do the following tricks: Handstand Backwards Spin Stand with Backflip Single Backflip off Ramp Dive off Ramp Barrell Roll off Ramp in both directions If you did the code correctly, you'll here squeaking when you cross the finish line. Additionally, when you reset and go the title screen, you'll see people riding on dolphinsIn order to ride a dolphin, select Championship Race, normal mode. Hold down on the analog stick when selecting your racer. In Dolphin Park, you will ride a dolphin.The code lasts permanently and can be chosen again and again even after you're turned off your N64.
Change Racers Colors
Color Change Here's a simple trick that'll bring a little difference into the way your characters look. Go to the character select screen, and before choosing characters, push the analog stick or the D-pad up and hold it there -- the characters's outfits and jetski bikes will change in color. The number on the bikes will also change.