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Codes for Madden 64

High Stepping:
  • Here's a neat little trick that can be executed right before your player enters the endzone. As you begin your final few yards to the endzone, let up on the 3D stick just a little and then quickly jab the stick up and push the jump button at the same time. Your player will now high step into the endzone with the football held over his head.
    1996 NFC Pro Bowl Team:
  • Enter the word LEI to get the '96 NFC Pro Bowl Team.
    EA Sports Team:
  • Enter the following name: ELEC ARTS and you will be able to play as the EA Sports Team.
    Statistical Leaders Team:
  • Enter this at the name entry screen: STATS MEN for the statistical leaders team.
    Tiburon Sports Complex:
  • Enter MAITLAND at the name entry screen to play in the Tiburon Sports complex.
    Flying Player Glitch:
  • This is a funny glitch When you are playing with two players in Madden 64, you can make a player fly. To do so, have the first player start, pressing B to call audible as fast as he can. The second player should press jump (Left-C) as fast as he can. The second player will eventually jump continually on top of the screen. If you get him high enough, the instant replay will also be really screwed up.
    Hidden EA Stadium:
  • Type in SAN MATEO [the EA hometown] at the Create Player screen to access the secret EA Stadium.
    Hidden Teams:
  • At the create a player screen type the following names, and you will be able to unlock some of the hidden teams: SIXTIES - Team of the '60s SEVENTIES - Team of the '70s EIGHTIES - Team of the '80s HOWLIE - AFC Pro Bowl '96-97
    See ending sequences:
  • To see some of the cool real-time rendered winning sequences, turn on your N64 and hold the L, R, and Z buttons when the EA logo comes up. You will now be treated to some nice eye-candy.
    Unlock Hidden Team:
  • A hidden team, Tiburon, is included in Madden 64. To unlock the team go to Season mode and then to Front Office. Select Create Player and then go to name. Enter "Tiburon" into the field and then go down to continue. Save it and then go back to the main menu (using the B button). Now go into Exhibition mode and the team Tiburon will be selectable. They are giants.
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