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Codes for Hexen 64

Cheat Menu
While playing, pause the game and enter C (upper), C (lower), C (left), C (right). You should see "Cheat" appear at the bottom of the menu.
These are codes you can enter in the "cheat" option:
God Mode - C (left), C (right), C (lower)
Visit (level select) - C (left), C (left), C (right), C (right), C (lower), C (upper)
Butcher (kill enemies on screen) - C (lower), C (upper), C (left), C (left)
Health - C (left), C (upper), C (lower), C (lower)
Under the Collect Sub-Menu, enter the following codes:
All Keys - C (lower), C (upper), C (left), C (right)
All Artificats - C (upper), C (right), C (lower), C (upper)
All Weapons - C (right), C (upper), C (lower), C (lower)