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Codes for NBA Hang Time

The following codes are number combinations that are entered at the Matchup screen. They are entered using A, (lower) C, and (right) C.
  • Baby Mode - 025
  • Stealth Turbo Mode (2 Player only) - 273
  • Block Power Mode - 616
  • Goal Tending Mode - 937
  • No Pushing Mode - 390
  • No Music Mode - 048
  • Unlimited Turbo Mode - 461
  • Hyper Speed Mode - 552
  • Roof Top Court: As the screen changes from team select to matchups, hold Left on the Control Pad and press TURBO 3 times. The game will now be taken outside to the roof of an apartment building.
  • Random Team Select: To randomly select your team, hold up while you press TURBO.
  • Rodman's Hair Color To change the colour of Dennis Rodman's hair, at the Team Select screen, select the Chicago Bulls and press (right) C.

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