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All of the codes I have found for Diddy Kong Raceing

  • Diddy Kong Raceing Codes:
    ARNOLD-Big charictars,
    BLABBERMOUTH-Horn cheat,
    BODYARMER-All ballons are purple and yellow,
    BOGUSBANANAS-Bananas reduce speed,
    BOMBSAWAY-All ballons are red,
    BYEBYEBALLONS-No ballons in game,
    DOUBLEVISION-Select same player in two player,
    FREEFORALL-Maximum powerup,
    FREEFRUIT-Start with 10 bananas,
    JOINTVENTURE-Two player adventure,
    JUKEBOX-Music menu,
    NOYELLOWSTUFF-No bananas in game,
    OFFROAD-Four wheel drive,
    OPPOSITESATTRACT-All ballons are rainbow,
    ROCKFUEL-All ballons are blue,
    TEENYWEENIES-Small charictars,
    TIMETOLOSE-Ultimate Al,
    TOXICOFFENDER-Allballons are green,
    VITAMINB-No limit to bananas,
    WHODIDTHIS-Display credits,
    ZAPTHEZIPPERS-Turn off zippers

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