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Codes For Crusin USA

Upgrade both players car!
Normally when two players complete in the cross-country race, only one car gets the upgrade, until now! When you start, be sure that both players choose a save file and different cars. Now proceed across the country. After you start the Washington DC race, pause and exit the game. Reset the N64. Using Controller 1, start a one-player game. Select player one's previous save file. Finish the D.C race for an upgrade. Reset the N64 again. Select player two's save file and finish the race for an upgrade!
Nitrous Boost
This code is activated the same way as the "Flashing Lights with Siren" code below. Get your name on the "Hot Lists", scroll to the bottom of the list, and hold left for about 35 seconds until the head comes rolling across the screen. Using any car in any race, you can now get a Nitrous Boost by press Brake, Brake, Brake, Gas, Brake, Gas. You can only use this once for every checkpoint passed.
NOTE: This code only works with your vehicle on the fourth level. (Cruise the USA three times to get it to the 4th level.)

Flashing Lights with Siren
The first thing you must do is select the Police Car or the School Bus. If you don't know how to, see one of the cheats below. Next you can pick any stage to race on. You must get a "Hot Time" on that stage. After you put your initials in on the "Hot Times" screen, you must go all the way to the bottom of the "Hot Times" list. Now hold left for about 35 seconds (you'll see the rollers moving to the left.) If you chose the police car or school bus, got a hot time and you're at the bottom of the list, then one of the designers head will come rolling across the screen. He'll say, "I love this job." Exit the "Hot Times" screen and choose another stage to race on. Once you've begun the actual race, press Brake, Brake, Accelerate fairly quickly. If you did everything correctly, the lights on your police car will be flashing and your siren will be going off. Or the lights on the school bus will be going off. To stop the siren and/or lights, simply let go of the gas button.
Access the three other levels
Doing this cheat, you get access to the three levels that you race on when you "Cruise the USA," but you don't normally have on the select screen. 1st go to the course select screen. Now hold down these button combinations: Golden Gate Park - Left C, Bottom C and L Indiana - Top C, Right C and L San Francisco - Right C, Bottom C and L The only one you don't have access to is Washington D.C.
Not-so-secret Secret Vehicles
Just if you don't know alredy, you can have the Jeep, Police Car,or School Bus, as well. Just like the arcade version. First, you must go to the car selection screen. Now hold down Top C,Left C,and Bottom C all at the same time. If you hold down those buttons over the '63 Muscle Car (Car on the Left), then you get the Jeep. If you hold the buttons over the La Bomba (the car second from the left), get the School Bus. And if you hold them down over the Devastator VI (car third from left), then you get the Police Car. But if you hold them on the car on the right, nothing happens.