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Codes for 1080 Snowboarding

Penguin Snowboard
To get the Penguin Snowboard, in the Training mode perform all 24 tricks including both 1080ís. Now go to the Board Selection screen and highlight the Tahoe 151 board. Press C-Down then A and the Penguin Board will appear.
Dragon Cave
To get to Dragon Cave, beat all 5 Match Race courses on Hard to open this stage.
Deadly Fall
To get to Deadly Fall, after opening the Dragon Cave course, beat all six levels on Expert to open the stage.
Crystal Boarder
To get Crystal Boarder, beat the Expert level in Contest mode with any character. Now at the Character Select screen highlight Akari and press C-Left then A (you should be at the Profile screen). Now go to Track Select and Akariís picture will be replaced by a picture of the Crystal Boarder.
Metal Boarder
To get Metal Boarder, beat Expert with the Crystal Boarder. At the Character Select screen highlight Kensuke and press C-Up then A. When you go to Track Select, Kensukeís picture will be replaced by a picture of the Metal Boarder.
Panda Boarder
To get Panda Boarder, Beat the Time Attack, Trick Attack and Contest mode until there are NO "EAD" scores. You must remove all the times/scores held by "EAD" to perform this trick. At Character Select go to Rob and press C-Right then A. You will see the Pandaís picture where Robís would be.
Panda Tricks:
Back Flip - In the air, press R and down. Front Flip - In the air, press R and up. Panda Tweak - In the air, Press R and rotate the stick counter-clockwise then press R and left.
Extra Options
At the title screen, quickly press Up, Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right. If done correctly you'll hear a loud noise.