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Click on the console for (HST) Hubble Space Telescope Pictures. Also Micrografx Simply 3D and Picture Publisher pictures!!!!

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Welcome to Spacetation Solar Arrow!!!! Astronomy has always been one of my favorite subjects. When the first photos taken with the HST were taken I always wished to have a collection of the coolest photos taken. Up to now I have only found a few books that have those photos. On the HST page you will find my favorites.

On the Micrografx PP and Simply 3D page you will find samples of my 3D projects done with the programs. Most are done from scratch and look very cool. These programs are powerful tools to make photos that can be placed on the webpages. Most of the special effects on text and photos were made with them. If you follow the links on that page you will find sites with tutorials.

On the other hand, I got a copy of Infini-D 4.1 for $49.95 at Egghead auctions!!! This program is more versatile and has been used to make the logos of TV programs like Fox News , Americas Funniest Home Videos, Sesame Street, etc. I also got Corel 3D (that looks almost identical to Raydream Studio). Lets see what I can do.... I hope you enjoy your stay. Don't forget to sign my guestbook.

Now I got Vue de Spirit, See the Lighthouse, 2001 monolith, El Yunque (made with a real elevation map!) and The Last Tree

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