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We are Not Alone

2000 is the Year We make Contact

FLASH! Check out the New Mars Cydonia Photo I and Mars Cydonia Photo II
More at Richard Hoagland's site The Enterprise Mission

See Rover! The Mars Pathfinder Mission

**What do YOU see in this Mars Rover shot which NASA took off its server after one hour?! MARS Surface terrain with a Pyramid? More Mars Photos Mars Surface Terrain
NASA shot of FACE on Mars + What else?! The FACE

UFO Links

The Truth is Out There

Astronomy Publications

Aerospace Companies

Aerospace Conferences

  • American Astronomical Society, The
  • Astronomic Images Archive
  • Astronomy Sites On The Internet
  • Aurora Page, The
  • Engineering In Astronomy
  • European Space Information System
  • Lunar Resources Company, The
  • Mount Wilson Observatory
  • MWO Online StarMap
  • National Aeronautics And Space Adm. Home Page (NASA)
  • NCSA Astronomy Digital Image Library
  • Nine Planets, The
  • Planetary Society Home Page, The
  • Satellite Observering Resources
  • Satellite Tracking Software
  • Shuttle Launches From Kennedy Space Center
  • Space Calendar
  • Todays Space Weather
  • AstroWeb
  • Comet Hale-Bopp Home Page
  • Field Guide to Comet Hale-Bopp
  • Galaxy Page
  • NASA Home Page
  • Shuttle Endeavour
  • SKY Online's Comet Page


  • SETI Project
  • Public Orgonomic Research Exchange
  • Fort Pages
  • News of the Weird
  • Bigfoot
  • Western Bigfoot Society
  • Loch Ness Monster
  • Quebec Insolìte
  • The Bermuda Triangle (the old legend of the Triangle is on the Net, beyond any myth)
  • The Lost Inventions of Tesla
  • The Skunk Works (the home of stealth planes and ... alien technology ?)
  • Project Apocalypse Now (The International Conspiracy is very real, more than you know !)
  • Reforming U.S. Military Secrecy (about Area 51)
  • The Sourcebook Project (William Corliss' ongoing encyclopedic compilation of anomalous scientific data)
  • Secrets of the Vimana(Ancient Indian legends about star wars, wonder weapons and flying machines)
  • Faces on Mars (Alien monuments on Mars ? A lot of images and image processing work on the so-called "face")
  • Mars Faces (A carved face on Mars ?)
  • The Cydonia Zone (Large site with plenty of stuff: documents, images, links and even more)
  • Mars ...Once Inhabited ?
  • The McDaniel Report (The report about "Mars Anomalies", including famous faces: summaries of the printed book)
  • Hoagland's Site (Richard Hoagland presents his works about the so-called "Mars monuments" in the Cydonia region)
  • The Enterprise Mission (The new Hoagland's group site)
  • R.Hoagland Site (Hoagland about Mars and Moon lost civilizations)
  • The D & M Pyramid of Mars (Erol Torun's investigation into the geometry of the D & M Pyramid at Cydonia.)
  • The Mars/Earth Connection (Several interesting documents about the controversial subject)
  • The Cydonia Files - An interesting viewpoint of Cydonia.
  • Aliens on the Moon ?
  • Lunar Photos (Shows lunar photos featuring alleged anomalies)
  • The Lunanscan Project (Site about Lunar Transient Phenomena)
  • Planetary Mysteries Home Page


  • UFO TV Series (great site for fans of SHADO and col. Striker, not actually UFO-related but ....)
  • UFO Archive (UFO TV Series: pictures, music, storyboards and much more !)
  • P.E.T.S.E.T.I.(Photo Electric Transmission in Search of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence attempts to contact extra-terrestrial life via a Modulated Light Transmitter)
  • Sublime Carnage ParaLinks(A musically-oriented paranormal site)
  • Loflyte(The new fabolous US plane claimed to be a cause for some UFO sightings)
  • Jim Nichol's Artworks (artworks from noted UFO artist J.Nichols)
  • Unmasking the Enemy (Pacheco's book about UFOs and conspiracies)
  • Terminus (Hot Tubs, Snipers, Black Muslims, Strange Drugs, Psycho-Acoustic Music and also ... UFOs !)
  • Alien Cultures
  • Nellis Air Force Base World Wide Web Server (home page of the AFB where, maybe, you may find Area51)
  • The Art Bell Page


  • A Serious Look at The X-FILES
  • Archive: X-files Creative Fan Fiction
  • Ben's X-Files Page - A lot of X-File links
  • Bureau of Federal Investigation - X Files Division
  • For X-Files fans in Norway - Norwegian fan site.
  • IDDG X-Files - An X-Files page with info, pictures, and links to other #xfer's pages
  • Jenifer's X-Files - a myriad of interviews, articles, and chats, sound bites, pictures, FAQs, humor, Newsgroup, mailing list fan mail info, related links,etc.
  • John Shaw's Xfiles Page
  • Purity Control - An X-files newsletter
  • SYX Page - Smart Young X-Philes !
  • The Truth is Here - Links to other sites via ftp, www.
  • The X Files [Shahar Jamshy]
  • The X-Files (Michael Kleinhenz) - Huge archive with more than 10MB of X-Files stuff.
  • The X-Files [Simon, Chin]
  • The x-files drinking game! - A description of the game for all X-Philes!
  • The X-Files Episode Guide
  • Trust No One
  • Vandal's X-Files
  • World's Largest X-Files Archive
  • X-Files The official Web site including some animation and a brief synopsis of each episode.
  • The X-test
  • X-Files [Bureau of Federal Investigation]
  • X-Files [Dinan] - Great X File Home Pages with MPEG GIF and JPG/s
  • X-files [Scott Weber] - A few good links, and some other cool stuff.
  • X-Files Page [Julie Waters]
  • X-Files UK - Lots of information, pics, sound clips, links, etc... about the X-Files show.
  • X-Rate - X-Rate is the Australian X-Files Episode Ratings Survey.
  • FAQ - ST:DCU The X-Files
  • FAQ - The X-Files
  • Index - Sam's X-files
  • Index - TJ´s X-Files
  • Great X Files Site
  • The X-Files
  • X-Files Site
  • The Truth Is Here (Another X-Files site)
  • The X-Files Sound Page

    The Skeptics

  • Skeptic Magazine
  • The Skeptical Review
  • Skeptical GOPHER Site
  • The Skeptic`s Disctionary
  • SKEPTIC Annotated Bibliography
  • Skeptics Society
  • The Skeptic Magazine (The magazine of the British Skeptics)
  • CICAP Page (The site of the Italian skeptical group CICAP)
  • CSICOP (Site of the US skeptical association, featuring very interesting UFO-related topics)

    UFO FTP and GOPHER Sites

  • **Rutgers FTP Site
  • UFO Information (Wiretap)
  • UFO and Space Pictures
  • UFO Information I
  • UFO Information III
  • MUFON UFO Journal text files (one of the best UFO mags available !)
  • FAQ alt.ufo.reports (FAQ files of related Newsgroups)
  • PARANET Archives
  • UFOs, FOIA (a collection of documents)
  • Files about Mars Faces
  • Mars (files about "monuments and face" on the Red Planet")
  • Faces on Mars (image files of alleged "face")
  • Generic UFO Stuff
  • UFO Files
  • The X-Files
  • Another UFO Site
  • Pacific Northwest UFO Archive
  • Archive of Newsgroup ALT.ALIEN.VISITORS
  • Gif files about the Roswell Autopsy
  • Roswell autopsy images (again !)
  • Paranet Archives (not anonymous)
  • UFO FTP Site
  • Tezcat UFO Archive
  • Wally World BBS FTP Site (text and image files on different topics)
  • Miscellaneous UFO stuff
  • File about the Lazar Affair
  • UFO FilesGet the latest info on MIBs, UFOs, and the Pleideans
  • PARANET UFO Archives
  • UFO Files
  • UFO Stuff
  • UFO Stuff
  • MidVox UFO Archive
  • UFO and Abductions (Miscellanea of UFO documents)

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