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"But as he knew no bad language, he called him all the names of common objects that he could think of, and screamed:
'You lamp! You towel! You plate!' and so on."
Sigmund Freud

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April's Primos
Your Nation Discover how different our world really is.
Adbusters Culture jammers unite!
Dorothy Parker's New York Life in the city with Dottie
BBC Worldservice presents My Century Nice site. Done as only the Brits can do.
Lost and Found Sound A look at some of the first sound recordings. Interesting!

March's Primos
Art and Culture Interesting Site!
Decoding the Enigma Fascinating!
The National Archives Exhibit Hall My, My
SETI@home Do you hear me?
The American Century

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Art Leritz, M.D., Psychiatrist, will Help You With:

LOTSA THINGS! Hi! My name is Art. Welcome to the neighborhood. Glad you could stop by! You wanna discuss some Shrink Stuff, you say. Hey, no problem plus I'll tell ya some stories too. Let's all gather around the fireplace. Hey, do ya remember Paranoia strikes deep,..into your heart it will creep? Great song,huh? Lemme' tell ya, DENIAL is what really strikes deep! Denial is the Mother of all Defenses! It is thee primary defense and is always present with each of the other Psychological Defense Mechanisms. There are many Defenses we utilize on a daily basis. They aren't bad or indicative of a Psych problem. We're all using them alla the time! We're gonna look at Projection, Displacement, Reaction Formation[?]. Yea I know, what's that?! We'll get into That One later. Anyway, we'll cover em all em' I'll help you sortem out. For starters, remember, Denial is at the Base of all of the Mechanisms of Defense. Projection is my favorite. Projection is we deny something with ourselves -Naah, I don't hate myself, I hate her, She's a Bitch. [I'm a bitch, I'm a Lover. . .] Anyway, the poor bastard isn't even aware of his inadequacy and insecurity - Light bulb Guys - We're all inadequate - Anyway, the dude thinks he's cool n' macho n' allathat, Denies his stuff and Projects, ahh, Projects, onto Her. Plus she's Right anyway if he got that abusive. A nice lady once told me,"Whenever some guy calls me a bitch I know I'm right." I agree. So, we Deny our sources of conflict, our stuff we don't like to look at, and hunt for people, critters or cars to dump on. One of my profs once said "You know, every word we say is a Projection". I don't quite believe it's Every word, but think about it, when we talk, we're revealing ourselves. Cool huh? So whatawedo, quit talking? No, but a little of the, "Think before you speak" sounds like sage advice. Displacement is similar - Denial First - The dog bit ya, you're mad as hell, She comes home and you're mad at her, - Mad at dog - Denial and, Ahah, Displace it onto someone else who seems, at the time, to be a good Target of Our Rage. So, kicking the dog, or the Kid, is what? Denial, projection, diplacement, and others mixed in. Duuh! Either way you look at it, it's DUMB, don'tcha think? So, Think, take 5, and quit advertising your intrapsychic conflicts. Hang with, I'll get into lotsa practical SHRINK STUFF frequently! Isn't this fun?

*Check this out . The CompuMedology Perl of the Month is Leritz's Maneuver. For all of you who have budding Sore Mouse Wrist and want to avoid Carpal Tunnel surgery down the road do this: First, put your hands together, like you're praying, then rub them together like hell, until they almost feel too hot and you feel you have to quit. Then, if you're right handed, put the palm of your left hand on the bottom of your right wrist and feel the Heat! Gently massage the heat in, in a clockwise fashion, for about 20 seconds. Then place the palm of your left hand on top of your right wrist and gently push down for about 30 seconds. Lefties same in reverse. Another Perl is when ur not Clicken, place the Palm of your left hand on the bottom of your right wrist. Remember, Heat Heals! So, try Hot Hands and LayEmOn the Sore Parts!

Le Ritz Links I
Links You're Crazy if You Don't Know About!

Welcome to the Vortex

Le Grande Tour
Le Grand Louvre Fantastic Site! The Web Museum Great Site! THE VICTORIAN WEB Yes, What a Time it must have been!

Do ya' wanna hear Radio Nepal?Then check out The MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet Nepal + Hundreds of other Stations all over the World! Unbelievable! If ya' don't have a Real Audio Player get it Now! Real Audio PlayerFree Download!

Then you can check out pcweek radio c/net radio

Ok, you have your music on, so let's Start Here
Welcome To Starting Point - The BEST PLACE to START! Wayne McGuire's Express PageAnother Good STARTER - Good Job Wayne! EFF's Guide to the InternetA *strongly* recommended Site. One of the Ten most visited sites on the Web! WEB CENTRAL Great Index of Useful Sites! Free Computer HELP Page! When you say, Oh NO, Now What do I do?!

Excite recently received "The Best Grade", an A-, in a review of all the major search engines!

Alta Vista and Infoseek each rcvd B+'s

****Alta Vista Another of my Favorites ****Infoseek Great Searcher!
*****Savvy Search Comprehensive Search - My Favorite Searcher!
***All-in-One Search Page
MetaCrawler Searching Search 10 Search Engines with One Click!
250 Search Tools at *** Law Research 970 WWW Search Engines and Directories! Best Search Engines Beaucoup Search Engines 320+ engines in clickable tables! MOST comprehensive search site! Hydranet Search Page StartHere Page One Search Engine Superstore ****Webcrawler Great cuz' the responses are One Liners!

News and Weather
*****Reuters The Best no nonsense reporting
***Pathfinder Great Site! NewsLink All the News You'll Ever Need The Daily Brief The Daily Brief is a 4-6 page news summary sent out to You by e-mail every weekday morning. Kinda' like the morning paper.
**ABC AP Update ***MSNBC MegaNews Site **Nando Check it Out! NewsNow The Latest News! USNews **USA Today

The Weather Channel Yup', News AND Weather right off the Bat! Tropical Prediction Center For Folks on the East Coast National Earthquake Information Center For Folks on the West Coast Volcano World For Folks in the Northwest

Great list!
LINKAWAY 2Maavelous!

FLASH! Check out the New Mars Cydonia Photo I and Mars Cydonia Photo II MoreRover The Mars Pathfinder Mission Great shot of the Face on Mars and environs Face et al Nasca Lines The Hummingbird The New Windmill - Man Made? More Crop Circles Crop Circle Connector Area 51 - It's the middle Hangar Area 51- Groom Lake area, Nevada

Hugh's HAARP Into Page Education is the Key!

Incredible OUT THERE Photos!
The Aurora Page

Imagine a Dark starry night, find the Big Dipper, look above the Big Dipper and pick the tiniest pinhole of Deep Black you can imagine - a hole of Deep Black that looks thus to our earthbound telescopes - and now point Hubble in that direction and gear it up for Max Telephoto and you have the Hubble Deep Field Pictures!
Hubble Deep Field I - My Favorite Hubble Deep Field - Main Page Best of HST - 1990-1995 Main Hubble Page - Lotsa Pictures!

Focus Yo' Self!
Bradford Robotic Telescope Have a Look See!

U2 Can Move R2D2!
The Robotic Arm From Univ.Western Australia

Book Stuff
*****Project Gutenberg Looking for something to Read? Look no further! 640+ Books you can Read Tonight! Books That Work How To Do Lotsa Stuff! ***** The Largest BOOKSTORE on EARTH!

TV Guide National Geographic PC Magazine, Windows magazine, and more. PC Week Popular Science Time Magazine PC-Computing E-zines Computer-Insider

You Can Find em'!
**Infospace Has Yellow pages, white pages, city directories, international, Lotsa Stuff! SWITCHBOARD National,Personal, and Business Telephone Directories! Big Yellow The Best Yellow Pages Four11 Find E-Mail Addresses and more! United States Postal Service

Significant Others
Best of WWWomen Sites - Great Links! Other Internet Resources for WOMEN Quality Women's Resources!

FAQS BY CATEGORY Got a Question? - No Problemo!

For Big and Little Kids
THE JASON PROJECTFOR Students grades 4 through 8! The MARICOPA Center for LEARNING and INSRUCTION Create Web Pages KIDS WEB For K-12 Kids - LEARN! - KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! For more Student Help Ideas, go to:**STUDENT CITY Lotsa Linkers + Scholarship Sources!

When I was in College, bein' a senior was cool, Now I'm having to redefine Cool SeniorNet Third Age[?]

More Linkers!
Justin's links to the Underground The Pioneer Web Diary. Write Yo' Self ! Cissie's Links to the Best URLs Great Site - Good Job Cissie! Point Communications The Top 5% of All Web Sites folks YAHOO Yea, Yahoo. Great Meta Indexer MAGELLAN INTERNET GUIDE Gud Site Reviews!

WWW Virtual Library Starting Point for NEWBIES and GEEKS! Internet Resources Meta-Index Galaxy Large Web Indexer! ESSENTIAL LINKS Many Categories and Search Tools! RES-Links The All-in One Resource Page!

Newsgroups anyone?
*****Deja News What's a Newsgroup? Find out and Search all of the newsgroups with One Submit!

Yup, More Linkers!
Infoseek GUIDE Good search INDEX! Angelfire Communications Got me Started - Thank You Angelfire! So, you want to make a Web Page! Great NEWBIE Tutorial! Cornell Legal Information Institute West's Legal Directory

All around Great Site!
*****The Web Developer's Virtual Library One Stop Home Page Creation Info + Much More - A HALL OF FAME Site!

My Favorite
LOOK SMART Very Smart - 147,804 Primo Websites - My Nominee for WEBSITE of the YEAR!

Linkers and 100's!
PLATINUM 100 The Top 100 Sites of 1996 - Great Site! 100 HOT WEBSITES 100 Top Sites in 18 Categories! Best TOP Web Site Links GREAT ONE! CyberCite! Another GREAT ONE! Sites of Interest Interesting! LINKS and MORE LINKS Links Galore! The Web Wanderer DirectoryYea, I'm the Wanderer, Yea, I'm the Wanderer. . .

Hot en' Huge!
*****HOTSHEET HUGE Link List I - Like a Link Mall - Click till ya Drop!
THE HUGE LIST HUGE Link List II - Recently Redesigned!

Genealogy Links
National Genealogical Society Genealogy Online The Genealogy Home Page THE GENEALOGY RESOURCE PAGE Peggy's Links to Genealogy Sites FOR MORE GENEALOGY LINKERS GO TO
Le Ritz GENEALOGY Linkers

A Bigge
Brian's Bookmarks Comprehensive List - Good Job Brian!

Send a Postcard The Postcard Store Send a Postcard over the Net. Doesn't even cost a penny!

Even More Linkers
Amdahl Hot Sites Netsurfing Resources! The ARGUS Clearinghouse The Premier Internet Research Library - Great SUBJECT Searcher! A FREE LAUNCH Who says there isn't a Free Launch Anymore? LINKS LOUNGEHang Out and Discover - Interesting Stuff!! The Shortwave Radio CatalogGreat Site!

Night People
ART BELL He owns The Night - Lotsa GOOD Stuff!
LAURA LEE She owns Saturday Night! - Good Stuff and always Entertaining!

MORE, More, more
All-Internet Shopping Directory: All-In-One Cool Sites Page Great Site! PC COMPUTING: 1001 Web Sites -- Frame Base Great Site! PC MAGAZINE'S TOP 100 WEB SITES Great Selection!!
****C-NetSuper Site with Many Sublinks!!
The Chip Merchant Great Prices on Memory, CPU's and More! **HAPPY PUPPY The Consummate GAME Site! Home Business Links Good Site Access the World from these Other Sites & Resources ****PATHFINDER Information, Imagination, and Interactivity! Trust Me, Just go ahead and Check it Out
**HOTWIRED A bit heavy on 'tude but a Great Site! **NERD WORLD: Easy Access Category Tree

Don'tcha just Love Map Reading? These are fun though!
AutoPilot MapBlast! MapMachine MapQuest Maps on Us Tiger

Good AUSSIE Sites! Ge'Day!
NEXUS Magazine OnlineREAL News from Down Under!
****BEYOND the BLACK STUMP ****Great Link Site from Down Under - An ALLDAYER! - Grab a Cup'a Java!

The Daily Bikini Really, I just read the Link List and the Search Engines!

Art's TOP 10 Freeware and Shareware Sites!

**Know someone who's gonna' Buy a New-Used Car? First, What's ur Car Worth?! You can create your own official lookin' Window Sticker!

Then go over to Kelley's lot and compare what's ya got already with his Blue Book prices Kelley's Blue Book Pricing Guide

Now you're Really ready to go to Carpoint This is the Smartest way to buy your next new/used Car! Tell a friend!
More Auto Sites: AutoSite AutoWeb Blue Book Car Talk Edmunds

Great Indexes and Guides for Surfin' en' Searchin'!
Allison Zhang's Beginner's Guide for PC Users Anonymizer, The Anonymous Web Surfing Aqui Unlock the power of the Internet Canadian Internet Handbook CliX Channel Surfing on the Web Conk!Your Online Guide to Nonsense Cool Site of the Day CRAYON CReAte Your Own Newspaper DisInformation ***EINet Galaxy Formerly EFF's Big Dummy's Guide to the Inernet Funky Site of the Day Heriot-Watt University Library's Internet Resources Newsletter **Hitchhikers Guide to the Internet *****Hot Sheet Fantastic!! IBM Internet Connection **Internet Resources Meta-Index Internet World's Internet Bookshelf James A. Muir's Browsing the Internet John E. Goodwin's Email 101 Kevin Hughes's Entering the World-Wide Web Kristen McQuillin's Gentle Introduction to the Internet LinkMaster Web Search *****LookSmart Mike Malazdrewicz's Internet Primer ***Netsurfer Digest Newsletter, The Planet Earth Pointers To Pointers Sites of the Day, Week, Month, etc. (Yahoo)
*****Starting Point
Suarez's Beginner's Guide to the Internet for Windows Thomas F. Mandel's Surfing the Wild Internet URL-minder: Your Own Personal Web Robot! University of Michigan School of Information and Library Studies's Introduction to the Internet UWI's Web's Edge Virtual Tourist Virtual Tourist II / City.Net World Map Walter Shelby Group's Desktop Internet Reference Web 100, The WWW Virtual Library WWW Yellow Pages Yahoo Yale C/AIM WWW Style Manual

UFO Linkers - They're All here!
**OUT THERE Check it out! PARASCOPE + Favorite Links A Fun Site! INTERNET UFO GROUP Linkers Fantastic!!

Windows 95 Sources! Dylan GREENE'S Windows 95 Starting Page Great Source of Windows 95 Info! The CAVERN'S Window's 95 Page Another GREAT SOURCE! Windows 95 FAQs Windows 95 Links to Information PC World Online Windows 95 Site Windows 95 Links, Links and more Links! Global Computing Windows 95 Utilities ZDnet

ZD Net SiteMap Great MAP I ! PC Mag SiteMap Great MAP II !

Great Internet Mag
ZD Internet Mag Great Mag - Great Source!


Art's TOP 10 Freeware and Shareware Sites!!

The best 20 Anywhere!

The rest of em' PC COMPUTING: 1001 BEST FREE DOWNLOADS HogHeaven! OAK Software Repository Walnut Creek CDROM Web Site *****Yahoo - Computers:Software:Shareware Yahoo's shareware links. Very good links to downloadable shareware. Other Software Sites Great Software Links I Software Links Page Great Software Links II Pass The Shareware Please Great Software Links III Distributors of Shareware Great Software Links IV Yahoo! Internet Life:Shareware Great Software Links V BEST ZIPS Archive Program Categories Lotsa ZIP SHAREWARE.COM: NEW ARRIVALS! Check it out p.r.n.

Get BETAed!
Home of the Beta Testers Visit Beta Galore - A Knockout!
Beta Zone Another great Beta Page

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