Doug & Carol Sites

The Doug and Carol Page

Jessica's Doug and Carol Page

Doug and Carol ER Basement
Pictures, sounds, episode guide, favourite moments,
fanfiction, and spoilers.

Doug Ross/George Clooney Sites

Clooney Fan Page
Bio, news, pictures, postcards, sounds, ER snaps,
interviews, and links.

Carol Hathaway/Julianna Margulies

Julianna Margulies - Absolutely Unofficial
Biography, film and tv, pictures, sounds, and links.

Julianna Margulies Fan Page
Biography, pictures, sounds, videos, quotes... I could go on and on
... just go there, this site has everything!

ER Sites

Alt.TV.ER Page
The best episode summaries and ER FAQ on the internet. Also,
reviews, episode list, Usenet schedules, commentary and links.

Safeguards ER United States Internet Site
Pics, bios, links, fanfiction, multimedia, and edisode guide.

Serum Phy: Urgences - ER
Serum Phy: Urgences - ER

ER Online
All about the television show ER

ER Online Fanfiction
Original stories by fans

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