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Shawn's Not Home


Hi, I'm Shawn and this is my page with some pictures of my family. I'm a retired Master Chief Petty Officer who really retired after 24 years of Naval service. The wife and I stay at home and raise our daughter "Trish" who is in she second year of college at Manchester, IN. , so now what do we do?

Oh, Did I tell you we also work for our "Lord" at Faith Baptist Church in Knoxville , MD

We just love the springtime here in the Maryland mountains.

This is our "Old House"

This is Trish, our daughter, on the way to another Banquet, she's the crazy one in the blue dress

This is Trisha our daughter, picture taken July 2000 at Kansas City, Mo. during Annual Conference.

This is Debbie hard at fishing on the upper Potomac River

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