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My Shakespeare in Love Site

If you hate the movie, you'd might as well just leave NOW because you can't possible enjoy a site dedicated to a movie you hate and you're wasting your time. This site wasn't created for you, it's for the people who LIKE the movie.

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-note: if you hate this site and you want to leave a nasty comment in my guestbook, could you at least tell me why you hate this site so much instead of being a real ass about it?

**Shakespeare in Love is now on video and DVD to rent or to buy in the US.
Please visit my other site sometime, My Good Will Hunting Site. It's the same as this one only it's not Shakespeare in Love.
As much as I hate creating websites, I am in the process of creating a personal homesite. It's not very finished at all, especially since my precious scanner died on me before I was finished, but if you're interested anyway: H's Website
Because of you, there's now been visitors to come to this site. (since April 3rd, 1999)

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c) page me on the AOL instant messenger. My screen name is raspswirl05 but DON'T email there because it won't work. is a nonexisting address. Please understand that.

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