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I am sad to say that Pierre passed away October 29, 2001. He was a great friend and a companion. He kept me company on lonely nights and he will be dearly missed. I'm mentioning this since I have a web page about Pierre and he means a lot to me.

When you have something, you take it for granted.

When you lose it, you realize how valuable it was.

To start off, I chose this background to make it look like Pierre's flying in the sky. Kind of neat, don't you think so? Well, this is my cockatiel bird named Pierre. It's a he, I think. The pet shop person said it's a he because of his cheek color. I don't know how old he is because our family got him at a rumage sale. And I'll have to say, it was well worth the investment. If it wasn't for him, I would be very lonely a lot of times. He actually keeps me company, just like a dog or cat. He doesn't know how to speak any words yet but he does know how to whisle this tune. The tune know when a pretty girl walks by a guy and the guy whisles this tune that girls don't like? It's that one. I didn't teach him this tune but his original owner did. I can't feed him by hand since he's not used to it. When I'm home by myself, it gets quite lonely. But not for long since I have Pierre to keep me company. He likes to chirp a lot but sometimes his chirping hurts my ears. He's kind of cute sometimes when he chirps. His body moves up and down and around the cage when he sings. Sometimes when he starts singing, he doesn't want to stop and he chirps even louder. He has a lot of various chirps and one of them sounds like he's crying. Most of the time, he sits in my room with me just a few feet away. So, I would say this is my best buddy I have right now. Did you ever wonder when birds sleep, do they ever fall off the branch?

Here's someone to help fly with Pierre. Up up and away! (flap flap)

A lot of times, like the rest of us, have problems that we just can't think that we'll be able to get out of. Like paying our house payments when we don't have enough money, report due the next day which you didn't start yet, and so on. When I get these problems, I sometimes look at Pierre and wish I was just like him. Having no problems to think about or any concerns or consequences to pay for what so ever. His life is so peaceful compared to mine and he doesn't get into any problems or trouble sat all. Except when he chirps when he's not supposed to.

Guess what? We got a baby chicken for a pet! Yup, that's right, a baby chicken. But strange thing is that he's has black feathers. Totaly black. I'm sure it's a he because of the crown on his head. I think it's called a crown. When we first got him, he had another buddy with him. But on the day after we got him, my dad said the other one passed away. I don't know how but my friend said it might have to do with something like territory. My reason is that, can you guess? I think I didn't give them enough food so the other one starved. Well, I under estimated the food they need. I only thought of the amount of food Pierre ate so I gave them enough food like him. I should have realized that they're twice the size of him plus there's two of them. Oops. Well, after 3 weeks have gone by, he's growing very fast and he's big. And he's also cute some how. I'm saying this because one time....well, let's begin with the story that lead to this cute stuff. Okay, he doesn't stay in my room if your wondering. There's a stairway from outside that leads to our basement and that's where he is. Of course, he's in his own cage. A lot of times I feel sorry for him since he stays there by himself for a long time without anyone talking to him or keeping him company. I plugged in a night light for him that I keep plugged in 24 hours a day. Plus, there were so many spider webs in the stairway that I vacuumed them to keep my baby chicken safe. So, when ever my dad or I bring him outside with him in his cage, I wanted him to go outside of his cage. For the first time today on July 4, 1998, I let his cage door open. He didn't want to go out but yet stuck out his head through the wire mesh a few times. Eventually, he went outside of his cage. He walked around and pecked at the grass. We have a huge backyard plus a side yard and there's wooded fences all around. Remember when I said he's cute some how? I was mowing the lawn today and took a break. I looked around for him and I saw him looking at something with his back to me. His head was higher than it usually was (probably standing at an alert posture). He was so small and just stood there and that's why I thought he was cute. It's funny how he runs with his wings reaching up. It's like a little puff ball with legs. I think it was like 4 pm or so that we let him out. So when the time came to put him back in his cage, which was around 9 pm since the fireworks starts at 10 pm, I told my dad to put him back in his cage. I didn't want to because I'm afraid me might bite me. Pierre almost did a few times. My dad said he'll go in his cage by himself when he's hungry. My mom later said the same thing. Do you now what happened? When 9:30 came and I looked for him to put him in his cage. It was dark but there was a little bit of light. I heard him chirping near his cage so I thought he was behind it. I said to my dad to put the chicken back in his cage. As soon as I got to his cage, my baby chicken was already in there. The wire door was still opened and I asked my dad if he putted the chicken in his cage. My dad said he didn't and he was surprised when I told him the chicken was in the cage already. For the fireworks that night, it was great and even some huge fire works. After it was done, which was very short display time, around less than 13 minutes or so. When it was over I said, "That's it?"

I got these awards so I'm putting them here since they relate with Pierre. I didn't encounter any chicken awards yet but I might in the future.

Springville Best of Show Award

May 22,1998

Look at this! It looks like Pierre. Well, in different colors but close enough.

Atlanta Cockatiel Club

June 11, 1998

I Love My Cockatiel

June 19, 1998

Ain't it purdy? Tweet Tweet...