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My BoyScouting Years

I used to be a Boy Scout when I was a wee youn'in. Long long ago, many, many years ago. It started when I was in 5th and 6th grade. My friends at the time told me about them being a Boy Scout. I remember when they told me about it like it was just yesturday. We stood outside of our Social Studies room in 5th grade. They told me they were Boy Scouts so I wanted to join too. My two best friends who were with me during 5th and 6th grades plus my Boy Scout friends were Jason and Greg. It happened so fast and before you know it, I became one. I became a Boy Scout on May 11, 1987 after completing the requirements. So, I was already a Boy Scout a few months before this. And what fun I had. Even the meetings every Monday night was fun too. I think it was 6-8 pm. We went on camping trips a lot, even during the winter where we slept outside in the woods. I never got to see any wildlifes when I was out there but my friend did hear something when we were sleeping in the tents outside. I never reached a really high level in ranks because I was having too much fun instead of concentrating on getting the rank requirements. I only got to Tenderfoot. Yeah, I know. Getting the other ranks are easy and I already know that but I was having too much fun. I wasn't concerned about earning them but more concerned on having fun with my friends. But, I had a lot of little medals to put around my belt (which I never wore, even the uniform either) and badges too. I could have continued to be a Boy Scout during 7th grade but I couldn't. I had to quit because I knew 7th grade was another ball park in homework and difficulties. Elementary was ok to handle but I wasn't sure about 7th grade at the time. By the way, that symbol above with the eagle spreading it wings out is what my Tendorfoot looks like, or close to it. The picture that doesn't have the Boy Scout words on it.

I got this skill during a summer camping out in the woods. I think that's what I got. I know that the word Chip was in the skill's name. Well, I didn't do much to get it but I did enjoy the game we played at night when we went camping. The same camping I earned Totin Chip. The game was made up of two teams and the object of the game was to capture the other team's flag. So called Capture the Flag. The problem of playing this game was it was played at night in total darkness. After the game was done, not sure who won, I almost got lost finding my way back to my tent. At least I had my friend Jason to help me find the way in around in the woods. If he wasn't around to help me, I would have been lost that night.

Anyways, for this Totin Chip thing, I didn't get a badge or a small metal at all. It was just a small, approximately 2 by 3 inches, card. That was it. A scout was standing around next to a tree and was handing out something. A lot of other scouts were standing around him. I wanted to see what was going on so I walked up to the scout that was handing things out. I reached out my hand and got a piece of card. And that's how I got my Totin Chip. Hey look! Some free stuffs. I'd like one.

Below is what a Boy Scout looks like. Well, none of us wore the hat but the uniform looks like what we wore. My friends wore it to meetings but I never did. Did you know that even though your a Boy Scout saying the pledge of allegence to the flag, if your not wearing your uniform, you can't use the Boy Scout three finger salute? You have to put your hand on your heart like regular people do. It's true. I should know because I didn't wear my uniform at a meeting once and when we said the allegence, a grown up scout told me I had to put my hand around my heart since I didn't wear the uniform. In my mind I'm saying, "But, I'm still a Boy Scout."

I received the award below from HART Enterprises. I'm putting this award here since to me, it's kind of like a Boy Scout award. On the ranks of Boy Scouts, Eagle rank is the highest. Well, maybe Eagle's Palm but I'm not sure. So, this award seems to fit on this web page. I am not going to link it to their web page. And yes, I was awarded by them if your wondering about it. I chose not to link it to their web site upon request. But, they also let me have the option of making a link but I chose not to. I am greatful to be presented with this award.

I was recipient number 466 who received it out of a total of over 1100 entries as of May 11,1998.

May 11,1998

I don't know how well to describe this award except from an excerpt from their email they sent me (which is also avaible on their web site too). I might explain this significant award the wrong way so to better explain this award, here it is from the email version:

"This award was implemented because in 1984, as the result of an accident while serving as an officer on active duty with the US Army, I became a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down. In a veterans hospital for 10 months, I was among many young men struggling to put a sense of worth back into their lives. I always admired our national symbol, the bald eagle, for its strength, courage and beauty, and its ability to soar on the slightest of winds. It was what those of us in the hospital were trying to do - muster up the strength and courage to live our lives with the least amount of help. Now I am in a position financially, physically, and spiritually to recognize others for their efforts. Thus, the "Fly With Eagles" award was born. We surf the net looking for worthy web pages. And, in some cases, web pages are recommended to us. Your respect for proper NET ETHICS and your ability to display your web page in a LOGICAL, INFORMATIVE, and CREATIVE format places you among only a handful of web masters that have received this award. " - HART Enterprises

Whoah! Stop everything! I just realized something after I read this web page (like about almost two months later). Did any of you remember when I told you the date I first became a Boy Scout? It's May 11, 1987. Well, the award above was given to me on May 11, 1998. The same month and day. Plus, it's almost the anniversary of it too but one year late. Kind of strange, huh?