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"The Ring Family Tree Homepage"

Family Tree of Dennis Ring and his Descendants

          This webpage is about my g-g-grandfather Dennis Ring and his descendants after he emigrated from Cork, Ireland. At the age of 22, in the year 1839 Dennis arrived at the port of New York via Liverpool, England aboard a ship named "Troy". Upon arriving in America Dennis migrated south where he settled in Maryland. It has been believed in my family that Dennis left Ireland for religious freedom, but other resources show that Protestants had all the religious freedom they wanted during this particular era. On March 29, 1840 Dennis married Eliza Caples of Anne Arundel County, Maryland- thus starting a family, the first generation of Irish-Americans in my family. He was married at St.Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church in Baltimore City, Maryland and was a member of Grace Protestant Episcopal Church in Elkridge, Howard County, Maryland. He became a naturalized citizen on September 10, 1841 in Baltimore County, Maryland. In 1856 Dennis purchased 124 acres of land situated in Baltimore County (Relay, St.Denis area), Maryland where he made a living as a farmer. The farm house Dennis built (pre-Civil War) is still standing today but the surrounding property has since been developed into residential housing communities. Dennis passed away on June 17, 1893 in his 77th year of age and was buried in the "Ring" family cemetery located in Linthicum-Shipley, (Anne Arundel County) which was once the "Caples" farm known as "Andover". As generations pass on along with time, only memories and documented information remain to remind us of a way of life that no longer exist. A time where hard work and perseverance was not only a way of life but a necessity for survival. Hopefully future generations can take this information to heart, giving them a sense of identity and understanding of their current life. How the comforts of todays world would not have been possible without the sweat and labor of our forefathers who believed in a democracy of a free country.

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To learn more about the "Caples" family genealogy,
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Dennis Ring's Last Will and Testament, along with other family members, including some wills of the Caples.
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