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General Knowledge Quiz

1) The pitcher Dizzy Dean was:
a) Left-Handed
b) Right-Handed

2) Mickey Mantle wore the numbers:
a) 2 & 5
b) 8 & 9
c) 10 & 12
d) 6 & 7

3) Who holds the record of most career home runs as an Oriole?
a) Cal Ripken
b) Boog Powell
c) Eddie Murray
d) Brooks Robinson

4) What former organization later became the Minnesota Twins?
a) Washington Senators
b) St. Louis Browns
c) Cleveland Spiders
d) Denver Buffalos

5) Which team was first to go professional?
a) Pittsburgh Pirates
b) Cincinati Red Stockings
c) Philidelphia Athletics
d) New York Giants

6) Was Ty Cobb ever banned from baseball?
a) Yes
b) No

7) How many home runs did Babe Ruth hit the year after his historic 60 home run season?
a) 38
b) 51
c) 54
d) 59

8) How many career home runs did Mel Ott hit?
a) 489
b) 505
c) 511
d) 512

9) What was the nickname of the 1934 St. Louis Cardinals?
a) The Red Birds
b) The Gas House Gang
c) The Big Red Machine
d) The Big Birds

10) Who won the AL pennant in 1901?
a) Philadelphia Athletics
b) Baltimore Orioles
c) Detroit Tigers
d) Chicago White Sox

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