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General Knowledge Quiz

1) The 1997 World Series ended when who crossed the plate?
a) Cliff Floyd
b) Craig Counsell
c) Manny Ramirez
d) Gary Sheffield

2) Who was the first African American player in the Major Leagues?
a) Roy Campanella
b) Moses Walker
c) Jackie Robinson
d) Satchel Paige

3) Before Joe Dimaggio broke the record of consecutive hits, who owned the record?
a) George Sisler
b) Ty Cobb
c) Honus Wagner
d) Lou Gehrig

4) Who was the manager of the Yankees who led them to 6 World Series titles in the 1950's?
a) Miller Huggins
b) Ralph Houk
c) Casey Stengel
d) Joe Torre

5) Who's number was retired first in all of MLB's history?
a) Ty Cobb
b) Joe Dimmagio
c) Lou Gehrig
d) Babe Ruth

6) Who owns the most World Series wins in the National League?
a) St. Louis Cardinals
b) San Francisco Giants
c) Los Angeles Dodgers
d) Pittsburgh Pirates

7) How many World Series have the Red Sox (Pilgrims) won as of 2003?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

8) What's the latest name of the 2003 Astros' ballpark?
a) Minute Maid Park
b) Camden Yards
c) Enron Field
d) Astrodome

9) Who won the second official World Series?
a) Philadelphia Athletics
b) New York Giants
c) Chicago Cubs
d) Pittsburgh Pirates

10) In which park was the first All-Star Game located?
a) Fenway Park
b) Yankee Stadium
c) Comiskey Park
d) Polo Grounds

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