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General Knowledge Quiz

1) Where is Yankee Stadium located?
a) Bronx
b) Queens
c) Flushing
d) Brooklyn

2) The Designated Hitter(DH)is used in what league(s)?
a) American League
b) National League
c) Both leagues

3) When was the last year a World Series was cancelled?
a) 1991
b) 1992
c) 1993
d) 1994

4) When was the last year a pitcher won 30 or more games in a season?
a) 1937
b) 1966
c) 1968
d) 1972

5) Was Roger Maris a:
a) Left-Handed Batter
b) Right-Handed Batter
c) Switch Hitter

6) How many World Series have the Yankees won?
a) 25
b) 26
c) 27
d) 29

7) Who has the most career homeruns in the MLB(2003)?
a) Babe Ruth
b) Barry Bonds
c) Willie Mays
d) Hank Aaron

8) How many divisons are there in each league?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

9) How many MLB teams are there now(2003)?
a) 26
b) 29
c) 30
d) 32

10) Who owns the record for most career stolen bases(2003)?
a) Ricky Henderson
b) Lou Brock
c) Ty Cobb
dTim Raines

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