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General Knowledge Quiz

1) In 1995, which team won the World Series?
a) New York Yankees
b) San Francisco Giants
c) Detroit Tigers
d) Atlanta Braves

2) Which two teams were added to the MLB in 1993?
a) Tampa Bay Devilrays & Arizona Diamondbacks
b) Milwaukee Brewers & Seattle Mariners
c) Colorado Rockies & Florida Marlins
d) Toronto Bluejays & Minnesota Twins

3) In 1997 the Marlins won the World Series. Who was the American League pennent winner?
a) Oakland Athletics
b) Boston Red Sox
c) Cleveland Indians
d) Anehiem Angels

4) Which pitcher owns the record for most career wins?
a) Walter Johnson
b) Cy Young
c) Randy Johnson
d) Satchel Paige

5) Who won the 1983 World Series?
a) Philadelpia Phillies
b) Los Angeles Dodgers
c) Chicago White Sox
d) Baltimore Orioles

6) As of 2003 who is MLB's Commissioner?
a) Bud Selig
b) "Happy" Chandler
c) Kensaw Mountain Landis
d) Fay Vincent

7) Giants,Rockies,Dodgers,Diamonbacks. Which team from the National League West is missing(2003)?
a) St. Louis Cardinals
b) Montreal Expos
c) Atlanta Braves
d) Sandiego Padres

8) When was the first official World Series held?
a) 1900
b) 1903
c) 1907
d) 1904

9) What year did the Chicago White Sox lose on pupose in the World Series?
a) 1913
b) 1917
c) 1914
d) 1919

10) Have the Cubs ever won a World Series?
a) Yes
b) No

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