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Welcome to the

Parke West Homeowner's Association page

Dear New Friends,

On behalf of the Parke West Homeowner's Association 
and its members, we would like to extend to you a 
hearty welcome to our community.  We hope you will 
enjoy getting to know your neighbors and discovering 
all that the area has to offer.

Parke West is a community of 447 families living in 
single family and duplex homes.  The original home of 
the community date back 28 years and were built by 
Ryland, Inc.  The developer set aside two three-acre 
parcels of land, one off of Parkland Place and the 
other off of Myers Drive.  Three smaller areas are 
off of Quail Court, Bosley Court, and Westphalia Court.
These areas are owned by the county and are maintained
and insured by our association.  The three largest 
areas have been developed into recreational areas by 
our homeowner's association.

Some features of Recreation Area I, located off 
Darien Drive and Parkland Place, include the follow-
ing: picnic area, benches, nature trail, and play-
ground equipment including a swingset, sliding board,
2 whirls, 2 climbers, funnelball hoop, horseshoe pit,
tetherball area, and volleyball court.  Residents 
wishing to check out horseshoes, tetherball, or volley-
ball equipment may do so by calling the Recreation 
Chairperson.  Recreation Area II, located at 7936 
Myers Drive, features swing sets, picnic area, benches
and lots of dirt trails for biking and hiking.
Recreation Area III, located off of Bosley Court, has 
swing sets, monkey bars, and picnic tables constructed
and donated as part of a BSA Eagle Scout project.

Our homeowner's association sponsors several annual 
events which appeal to all ages. Everyone is invited 
to join in our community picnic, Christmas "sing-along
with Santa", Easter egg hunt, and Halloween parade. 
We also have a Spring community yard sale.  All events
are announced in our newsletter.  We hope you will 
join in the fun!

The Parke West Homeowner's Association, Inc. (PWHA) 
sents out a newsletter 5-6 times per year.  It is 
important that residents read it and keep it handy 
as it is our primary means of communication.  General
membership meetings are held on the third Thursday 
in October, December, February, April, June, and 
August.  Open Board meetings are on the third Thursday
in September, November, January, March, May, and July.
All meetings are held at 7:00pm in the Media Center of
Quarterfield Elementary School.  Copies of our by-laws
are available to those interested.

Again, on behalf of PWHA and its members, we extend a
cordial welcome.  We hope this information will be 
helpful to you.  Don't hesitate to contact any of our
officers at home at any time.  We look forward to your
support and participation in PWHA activities as you
discover that there's lots to enjoy in your new 
community and with your new friends!