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Capt Kei's Pikachu Version Updates
Capt Kei's Pikachu Version Updates

Hey! All the Green Version info is gone so I guess I should use this instead! I finally got this working. If Togepi IS going to evolve into Chansey this is probably the right version. Wanna know why? Well, duh, Togepi is found in the TV show, right? Well the TV show is based on the Pikachu version! Put 2 and 2 together and what do you get? 4 duh. Hehe. Ok on to more SERIOUS business(you know how this turns out:P)! I will include updates as soon as possible. In fact I canceled MY WEBPAGE plans for 5 days(trust me that's a lot) just to help around here.

Pikachu/Yellow Version Status

Hey here is my first update. Nothing special. If you don't know much about the yellow version go to the section called Yellow Version on the main page. As of today it isn't ready but I should have it done soon. Here are my active Pokemon's levels:

Hey, things are going good. Nothing to report. Sorry but here are my active Pokemon's levels: Hey I'm working them all. Mt. Moon trainers really helped. I'm trying to raise Rattata high so he will evolve except he fainted and a Pokemon Center is a long way away.