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Hi! This is our award:


This is a special award you get from signing my guestbook! If you want this award, then sign my guest book! Thats all for this one!


Made By: Humor99, Copyright of PokemonZone~X.

To win my gold award award, these are the requirements:

1. Must have a clean site
2. Must have a nice lay out for your site
3. Must have at least or more than 10 links
4. Must be related to Pokemon/Gaming/Anime (cause this is a Pokemon award)
5. Must have good spelling
6. Can't have dead images(like images that don't work, not even if it has a good link).
7. Must have over at least 1,000 hits in the counter.

Thats all! If this is to hard to recieve, there are more awards on the way!