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October 23, 1999-
Hi! Today,nothing really is happening, just tellin people about this site. Im going to start to work on the frames section. i cant give the url for the frames section yet, though. Also, I am working real hard on some pokemon battles! I am creating pokemon battles with animation pro two from Jasc Software
. Thats whats going on right now, so check out this site soon again! cya-ross

Ps:The Pokemon Movie is coming out in about only 25 days!!!

October 22(again), 1999-
Hi! This is Ross! Today, we managed to put the new layout on all the pages, get rid of some old junk, and for all you people who demand frames, I'm working on the frames page with the help of a frame maker! So soon, all this work will pay off! I just entered this site to HotBot, and some time ago, it was in Alta Vista(thats how most of you found this place at first). For now, see ya!!! Bye -Ross

October 22, 1999-
Hey, well I got the new lay-out working pretty good. The images look wrong but we'll take care of that soon. I deleted some of the junk Ross had because it was killing our loading time. Now the loading time should be 20-60 seconds, instead of 60-120 seconds. On another not, EHQ is open! Visit us at! Also, when you come to this page use the address instead of address because that URL has problems with the site. So enjoy the new lay-out and come to EHQ!

October 21, 1999-
Hi! I am frantically working on the brand-new layout(don't worry, that thing on the left hand side isn't the whole thing). We have also changed our name to Pokemon Zone~X (it stands for pokemon zone extreme, but replacing X for extreme makes more space). Our new banner is high above this, so check it out! In oter words, we are under MAJOR construction, but it will pay off big time soon...

We have been working frantically. Now Ross decides he likes these colors better. Oh well, more work for me. Hehe, well I suggest you use IE if you want cool stuff, but Netscape is fine for this. Unfortunately, I'm also working FRANTICALLY on EHQ, so I can get the site up on time, which is tomorrow. Please visit, we're a really cool site. C'ya!!!
"Life is pointless, unless you sharpen your point."

October 17,1999-
Jeez, Ross is a slacker(psych). Well, I've been designing his new lay-out and it looks a lot better. I'll be uploaded the new files, so if something looks different than usualy, you'll know why. Well, let me get working. C'ya!

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