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September 29, 2000-
Hello, this is not Ross. This is a blast from the past. Some of you may remember me, some of you may not. You'll find out my name later. I got into this editor, and I'm updating. This may be my last time though, since Ross might change the password. I think this Background is kinda, ugly and eye straining. I'll bring a real Gold & Silver layout tomorrow. Be prepared, because when EHQ wants something done, its done.

September 7, 2000-
Hi! Its Ross again! I just added the new backround (gold and silver for pokemon gold and silver!). Today, I was surfin around, and saw yet another kewl pokemon site! I tip my hat to...Pokemon Central! Congrats to you, Pokemon Central! Soon, I will have this messy text cleaned up, and hopefully, a new banner! Thats right! And now for some... Pokemon news!!! After reading my monthly pojo mag cover 2 cover, I saw a brief summery of the upcoming movie, Pokemon, Lord of the Crystal/Unknown Tower! Its about a girl named Mii Chan, who doesn't know her father, and believes that her Entei is her true father (pretty weak for a topic). She wants a mother, so Entei goes out and brings non other than ASH'S MOM to her (figures)! It goes on an' on an' on, untill the end of the credits, where it shows a preview for the 4th Pokemon Movie!!! It is concentrated on Selebi (as I read), the mistic lil' grass fairy that traveles through time. Well, thats all for now, and I'd be glad to affiliate with some webmasters! We're sorta struggling for popularity (concitering the fact tat i can't even make working FRAMES). Well, hopefully all this will pay off......-Ross

September 6, 2000-
Hey! Its me again, sorry for the delay! I'm going to change this bad backround soon, when I get an imaging program(sorry). Anyway, Elekid at was nice enough to create me a button! =o) Thank you Elekid (I tip my hat). Thats all for now!. O yeah! I might be getting affiliates! I'm putting some great site's banners up that deserve compliments and recognization. We're starting with (drum roll)....Elekid's Thunder Storm, EHQ, Diglett's Cave, and! Congrats!! Cya!-Pidgeot555(Ross) April 20, 2000-
Blast from the past: WOA!! I'm not gonna let this site go down in friggin flames! Im going to create a totally new layout! This layout it getting old (dont u think)! Well, in Pokemon news, there are lots of previews for the new and popular pokemon movie:pkmn:the Movie 2000(revelation Lugia). Thats all for now. Expect a new look! Cya-Ross

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Green Day: Minority

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