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Cheats For Pokemon!

Cheats For Pokemon!

This is my cheats section of my site. Enjoy!

Crono Mew

To get Crono Mew, use the Item Finder in SeaFoam islands untill u find the Mist stone. Use it on Mew to get Crono Mew!

Chansey/Togepi Relation

I have done some research on pokemon and guess what?! It seems that Togepi evolves into Chansey! Just look at them both. Togepi is and egg(pretty much), and Chansey is an egg! Togepi has light spikes in his head, while Chansey's spikes hang down!!! I predict Togepi wil evolve into Chansey in the yellow vesion...

Master Ball Trick

To turn a Great Ball into a Master Ball, when you throw a Great ball hold b and up.

Other Way to get mist Stone

  1. Have 5 pokemon in your line up.
  2. Catch Missingno (code on the bottom). make sure he's in your lineup.
  3. Go to the 3rd basement of Seafoam Island
  4. Use the Itemfinder somewhere(area unknown)

Cheat submited by:

Pokemon over level 200!!!

First thing first. This is not the code the I am talking about on my first page, but it works sort of the same. Here are the steps...

  1. Go to Viridian City and talk to the man who teaches you how to catch a Pokemon.
  2. Watch him and then fly to Cinnibar Island and swim up and down the shore.
  3. You should find Pokemon over level 100 such as Hypno or Muk.
  4. Then, make sure your 6th item is Rare Candy and find a Missingno. or M.
  5. Finally, run away and you should have like 139 Rare Candies. Use them on you Pokemon over level 100. (Note: It won't say 139 Rare Candies it will have a little messed up square and then 9.

Sumitted by: Capt Kei (a.k.a. Humor99)

Missingno. Code

Here's how to get Missingno., Pokemon number #000. He is really just a glitch in the game.

  1. Get a Raichu over L:50 and go to Cinnibar Island!
  2. Go into the building where you take your fossils.
  3. Go into the first room and trade with the guy for an Electrode.
  4. Swim up and down the shore(right side).
  5. You'll find a Pokemon called Missingno. He doesn't look like anything in particular. They say he is Houou the 4th Lengendary Bird or The Golden Bird.
You now have Missingno.!!!

Submitted by: Capt Kei

Way To Fight Safari Zone Pokemon Elsewhere!

  1. Go into the Safari Zone and go to the section where the Pokemon you want to catch is.
  2. Stay there the whole time.
  3. When time runs up go down to Seafoam Islands(DON'T FIGHT ANY TRAINERS), and swim up and down the shore.
  4. You should fight Pokemon from that section of the Safari Zone!

I think this works with other areas too.

Charcolt(proven to work by my friend!)

  1. To get Charcolt, the evolution of charizard in red/blue versions of pokemon(he will be in gold/silver too, but not hiddin), go to the top of the celedon Mansion.
  2. Then, talk to the little girl 101 times and she will get anoyed, say something like buzz of and i'll give u charcolt and she will give him to u!
  3. Charcolt looks like charizard, but he is bigger, more powerfull(duh!) and he has little nose rings!
  4. His new moves are random fire(its a random fire move) and other ones that i forgot.